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How You Can Help Support Verified Response Efforts to the Coronavirus Pandemic Through Mobile Giving

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Mobile Giving Foundation:




Mobile giving is the fastest, easiest, and most trusted way for the public to make a donation in support of response efforts to the coronavirus pandemic. The donation will appear on your wireless phone bill – no cash or credit card required. MGF collects funds on its own behalf and distributes donations to vetted charities and authorized entities, issues the donor a donation tax receipt upon request, and issues public notification of aggregated donation amounts. Wireless operators do not charge for this service to the community. 



Just by texting a keyword to a designated short code via your wireless phone and confirming with either YES or your ZIP code when requested, a donation of $5, $10, $20, $25, $30, $40 or $50 can be made to your preferred charity. You can donate multiple times if you wish to contribute larger amounts. MGF works with U.S. wireless operators to enable these qualified campaigns on a cost-free basis. Your entire donation goes to the MGF which honors your request by issuing a grant to the pre-qualified designated entity. The donation appears as a charge on your wireless bill. Standard message rates may apply, and MGF will collect a 35-cent successful transaction charge from the beneficiary entity on a post donation basis to help offset its costs – less than the cost of a postage stamp.



We are currently supporting the following 11 authorized mobile giving campaigns in response to the coronavirus pandemic:


Charity: American Nurses Association

Keyword: THANKS

Short Code: 20222

Price-Point: $10

Call to action: Text THANKS to 20222 to donate $10 to the American Nurses Association to provide direct financial aid to nurses affected by the virus, information deployment and psychological support.


Charity: American Red Cross

Keyword: GIVE

Short Code: 90999

Price-Point: $10

Call to action: Text GIVE to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross to help those where it’s needed most in this public health emergency — Maintain a sufficient blood supply, support to military families, etc.


Charity: Boys and Girls Club of America

Keyword: THANKS

Price-point: $5

Call to Action: Text THANKS to 50555 to make a one-time $5 donation to the Boys and Girls Club of America to help a Club become a hub of community support, serving those who need them most.


Charity: Entertainment Industry Foundation

Keyword: FIRST

Short Code: 50555

Price-Point: $20

Call to action: Text FIRST to 50555 to donate $20 to the Entertainment Industry Foundation and help support first responders in their heroic efforts to intervene against the coronavirus pandemic


Charity: Feeding America

Keywords: FEED/50555/$5, AMERICA/50555/$10, MEALS/50555/$15 and DONATE/50555/$25

Short Code: 50555

Price-Point: $5, $10, $15 and $25

Call to action: Text DONATE to 50555 to donate $25 to the Feeding America to provide meals to families in this time of need.


Charity: Youth Improved aka GenYouth

Keyword: SCHOOLS

Short Code: 20222

Price-point: $15

Call to action: Text SCHOOLS to 20222 to make a one-time $15 donation to the GENYOUTH to benefit the 30M food-insecure kids affected by school closures


Charity: Oxfam America

Keyword: OXFAM

Short Code: 20222

Price-Point: $20

Call to action: Text OXFAM to 20222 to donate $20 to Oxfam America in response to an unprecedented pandemic where they’ll be leveraging their expertise in water, sanitation, and hygiene while advocating for the most vulnerable.


Charity: Save the Children

Keyword: SAVE

Short Code: 20222

Price-Point: $10

Call to action: Text SAVE to 20222 to donate $10 to Save the Children to provide meals when schools are closed, support mobile meal trucks, food banks and other community feeding programs, provide educational toys, book and worksheets, as support out of school time programs to help kids make up for lost time in the classroom.


Charity: Team Rubicon

Keywords: RUBICON/20222/$10, TEAM/20222/$25

Short Code: 20222

Price-Points: $10 and $25

Call to action: Text TEAM to 20222 to donate $25 to Team Rubicon’s active response to the Covid-19 pandemic


Charity: United Nations Foundation- in partnership with the World Health Organization

Keywords: WHO25 and WHO50

Short Code: 501501

Price-Point: $25 and $50

Call to action: Text WHO25 to 501501 to donate $25 to the United Nations Foundation and the Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund/


COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization (WHO) enables individuals, corporations, foundations, and other organizations around the world to directly support WHO’s global work to help countries prevent, detect, and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in accordance with the WHO Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan. The Fund was created at the request of WHO by the United Nations Foundation in partnership with the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation. Donations support WHO’s work to track and understand the spread of the virus; to ensure patients get the care they need and frontline workers get essential supplies and information; and to accelerate efforts to develop vaccines, tests, and treatments.

Charity: World Central Kitchen

Keyword: FOOD

Short Code: 80100

Price-Point: $10

Call to action: Text FOOD to 80100 to donate $10 to the World Central Kitchen to provide meals to families in this time of need.


Please follow @MobileGivingOrg or monitor the MGF website for additional updates:


The Mobile Giving Foundation, is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating donations from the public, helping other non-profits engage supporters through the mobile channel, and enabling mobile solutions for social good. We work with all major wireless operators to enable customers of mobile networks to take trusted civic action.



Please contribute now and track your local news channel for further developments. Stay home. Be safe.




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