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HPC-AI Advisory Council and Stanford High Performance Computing Center Bring Together Big Science, Innovation and Insights

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The for community benefit HPC-AI Advisory Council (HPCAIAC), in collaboration with Stanford University’s High Performance Computing Center (HPCC), today announced the 2021 Stanford Conference will take place 17-18 March from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (PDT). Now in its 12th year, the HPCAIAC’s conference and collaboration will be hosted over two days from the US’ Pacific time zone and present a condensed agenda. Each daily (3hr) session will combine thought leadership and immersive contributed talks across HPC and AI domains and disciplines and feature the innovative research, techniques, tools and technologies that fuel economies, productivity and progress globally.

Maintaining its focus on topics of great societal impact and responsibility, the co-hosts confronted 2020’s growing COVID pandemic reformatting the annual conference for all remote participation. Attracting broad participation from across the highly diverse, distributed, multi-disciplined community throughout its history, one of last year’s first conferences during the early stages of global quarantining and one of only few held the entire year, returns to pioneer another calendar and second virtual session building upon last year’s introduction to early COVID research and a range of related interests.

“We’re experiencing an incredible inflection point on the historical timeline. Our biggest challenge is spurring many of our greatest strides in the shortest time ever in research history,” said Gilad Shainer, HPC-AI Advisory Council chairman. “The Stanford Conference provides a platform to share current knowledge, contribute to solving complex challenges, promote new findings and provoke new ideas. As the COVID pandemic has illustrated these aren’t just exclusive interests for the research community but for us all. This year will obviously include pandemic related topics but will also begin to consider implications ahead. Regardless, whether presenting works or just present to glean something new, we’re privileged to welcome the world to a virtual front row seat to our most critical research endeavor ever.”

“The Stanford Conference fuels the inquisitive. One of the year’s first glimpses and one of the only open forums anyone can attend, it’s essentially an all access pass to many of the world’s foremost experts, fascinating science and cutting edge innovation,” said Steve Jones, Stanford High Performance Computing Center director. “There was much to learn before [pandemic] and infinitely more now but we’re also excited to explore some of 2020’s ‘shadow and shelved science’ usurped by necessity or the daily deluge of redundant contagion coverage. We want this annual conference and every experience to be as much a celebration as exploration of the research community’s incredible expertise and accomplishment, to inspire and rekindle a sense of ‘awe’.”

The 2021 Stanford Conference requires registration, is free to attend and open to all interested.

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