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HR Analytics Solutions Helped a Financial Services Firm to Improve Employee Engagement rate by 17% | Quantzig’s New Success Story

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Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems has announced the completion of their latest HR analytics engagement for a leading financial services company. This success story investigates the factors that were affecting the workforce management system of the client and enabled them to integrate structured and unstructured datasets to draw insights on the potential of the workforce.

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The digital revolution is transforming how work gets done in almost every industry. The financial services sector is no exception. In fact, many financial services firms find themselves facing challenges such as building agility into every aspect of the organisation, adopting emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and automation, reskilling and reshaping the workforce to align with future business needs.

The Business Challenge

Financial services firms face challenges in making their workforce able to quickly acquire new and necessary skills to meet changing needs. The client- a leading Swiss financial services company faced challenges that spanned three core areas including:

  • Deployment of an effective process to identify high potential (HIPO) employees
  • High turnover of employee annually
  • Reduced employee efficiency and productivity

“HR analytics solutions have the potential to help organizations to institutionalize data-driven decision making and tackle complex challenges,” says an HR analytics expert from Quantzig.

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The Solution Offered & Value Delivered

The financial services firm collaborated with Quantzig to automate their HR management processes by integrating structured and unstructured datasets. Our HR analytics experts adopted a comprehensive approach to help the client integrate new technologies into the workforce by incentivising employees to contribute to the organizational goals.

The HR analytics solutions empowered the client to:

  • Analyze the work experiences, and managerial connections of top performing employees
  • Gauge the drivers of the successful onboarding and retention of new hires
  • Enhance employee engagement rates by 17%

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Quantzig’s HR analytics solutions offered predictive insights on:

  • Identifying the factors for employee attrition
  • Visualizing internal and external employee relationship networks

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