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HST Pathways to Provide Casetabs Schedule Sharing Feature to All Ambulatory Surgery Center Customers at No Charge

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Cloud-based software leaders, HST Pathways and Casetabs have expanded their surgical case coordination partnership to enable ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) to provide referring practices and physicians with real-time access to their case schedules. The Casetabs Schedule Sharing feature is now available to all HST Pathways customers at no charge.

“Roughly 75% of ASCs share schedules with their referring practices using fax and email. In today’s fast-paced surgical environment, these traditional methods are not effective,” says Gavin Fabian, CEO of Casetabs. “Casetabs Schedule Sharing is an efficient, reliable feature that shares schedules using any device, including mobile phones. It saves surgery centers time and increases physician satisfaction.”

Real-time Schedule Sharing eliminates communication issues typical when relying on antiquated faxes or mobile phone text updates each time a schedule change is made. For a view of their schedule, referring practices and physicians simply log into Casetabs by downloading Casetabs via mobile app (available for Apple and Android devices) or from a web browser. The system is intuitive and requires no user training.

“Casetabs Schedule Sharing feature will support HST Pathways’ new standard offering for sharing schedules with referring practices and physicians,” says Tom Hui, CEO and Founder of HST Pathways. “87% of healthcare professionals use a smartphone or tablet, so providing real-time views of their schedule is essential for collaboration with the modern surgery center. We are delighted to offer this practical, yet highly effective solution to our customers at no cost.”

Today’s announcement is the most recent outcome of a newly announced joint collaboration between HST Pathways and Casetabs to create bi-directional integration between systems. The integration allows surgery centers to receive and approve cases from their practices, and upon user approval, all case information from Casetabs is uploaded directly into the HST Pathways practice management system. Any updates or changes along the way in one system appear seamlessly in the other. Compared with an average of 15 minutes per case load when manually uploading data, bi-directional integration between HST Pathways and Casetabs makes case coordination significantly easier, faster, and less error-prone.

About HST Pathways. HST Pathways offers specialized software solutions to help ASC organizations achieve efficiencies with surgical scheduling, supply chain management, electronic health record (EHR) clinical workflows, medical coding, insurance and patient billing, revenue cycle management, and accounts receivable collections. For more information, visit

About Casetabs. More than 100 million surgeries are coordinated in the US every year with fragmented chains of emails, text messages, phone calls, and faxes. Casetabs uses an intuitive central coordination hub, which delivers real-time case information and updates to facility staff, physician office staff, physicians, anesthesiologists and vendor reps. Casetabs is based in Irvine, CA. For more information, visit