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HT Mobile Apps Reflects on Record Year

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Mobile Apps
, (HTMA), announced today that the company saw record
success in 2019, entering 2020 with focus and strength. This continued
growth is attributed to HTMA’s engaging apps: Plinqit, Banker Jr.,
Member Jr. and Hip Pocket.

Created to provide community financial institutions with cost effective
customer acquisition, Plinqit saw substantially higher user engagement
(55 percent on average) compared to other finance apps that have an
average engagement rate of only 36.3
. Also, since its launch, more than half of Plinqit users
have completed their savings goal with the majority of those users
already starting new goals. This increased interaction with the app
contributed to rapid growth with total Plinqit deposit growth of 287

With the savings platform’s success, the company has increased
partnerships, signing over a dozen new bank and credit union
relationships in 2019. The HTMA platform is now serving clients in over
20 states from $26 million to over $40 billion in assets.

Additionally, HTMA expanded its offerings to include Hip Pocket in 2019.
Like the company’s other products, Hip Pocket was created to help people
save money and facilitate deeper connections with banks and credit
unions and their customers. Hip Pocket has been recognized in the
industry as a differentiator for financial institutions, engaging mobile
and website visitors by using social influence and personalized
consultation to generate new, qualified mortgage and retirement leads.

The financial industry has noticed HTMA’s continued success. Plinqit was
selected as a finalist for Bank Director’s Best
of FinXTech Awards
, recognizing its innovation in creating
an interactive savings app. The app was also featured at Finovate
. A notable speaker at industry trade shows and conferences,
HTMA founder and Chief Executive Officer, Kathleen Craig, was admitted
to the Forbes Finance Council to continue sharing her expertise.

“We are thrilled with the growth we have achieved in 2019,” said Craig.
“Our goal is to create products that help banks and credit unions expand
their digital offerings to attract and retain customers – and we are
doing so successfully with products that target multiple demographics
and financial needs. Going into 2020, HTMA is looking forward to
continuing to serve our partners with our innovative platforms.”

About HTMA

Michigan-based HTMA is an innovative FinTech company serving banks and
credit unions across the country to easily and cost-effectively
introduce new services for attracting and retaining customers. HTMA
offerings include Banker Jr., Member Jr., Hip Pocket and Plinqit, the
first savings app of its kind that pays users for engaging with content
through its patent-pending Build Skills™. For more information, visit