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Hundreds Of Patients Benefit From Access To Promising Treatments For Complex And Rare Disease Using AnovaOS™

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Anova Enterprises, Inc. (Anova), an organization dedicated to accelerating promising treatments to market with its transformative AnovaOS™ technology platform, continues to see the benefits of improved access to investigational treatment for patients with serious, complex and rare disease.

‘You can imagine the satisfaction that we feel, when otherwise I am certain we would be seeing progressive disease and deterioration,’ said Frank Senecal, MD and Founder of the South Sound Care Foundation (SSCF). Dr. Senecal was describing in the groups recently published Annual Report some of the early successes their program has had in finding new drugs to successfully treat their oncology patients. SSCF uses AnovaOS™ to manage access to investigational products for oncology patients at partner oncology practices in Washington state.

Biopharmaceutical companies face increased pressure to make investigational products available to patients who have serious and/or life-threatening disease. For biopharmaceutical companies the situation is complex. Manufacturers face conflicting desire to help patients in need while simultaneously maintaining their clinical development program without potentially being negatively impacted by adverse events that can occur in compassionate use cases. Biopharmaceutical companies must also consider cost to manufacture the investigational product, diversion of investigational product for use outside of approved clinical trials, or a lack of resources to review, approve and manage compassionate use requests.

Through physician practices, and networks like SSCF, Anova is helping biopharmaceutical companies deliver compassionate use programs that successfully collect quality data and support exploratory research across products and across multiple indications. The generation of data from real-world patients to support these pathways can help companies accelerate their development programs in a number of ways.

But for patients with serious and often life-threatening conditions, ‘such an opportunity provides hope for longer survival and control of the disease. It provides another path for hope,’ Senecal added.

In their recently published Annual Report, Dr Senecal describes one such case of a 39-year-old mother of two with a diagnosis of Glioblastoma (GBM) in 2019 – an aggressive form of brain cancer with 14-month median survival time – who accessed a personalised immunotherapy with the help of SSCF and the AnovaOS™ platform. After a number of treatments cycles and MRI scans, ‘for the first time, the patient has had a period of time where she is stable and hasn’t progressed. Her quality of life is improved which provides optimism and hope for their family.’

The SSCF continues to expand its program and the benefits being delivered for patients in need. With the support of AnovaOS™ the opportunity for physicians and their patients to access promising investigational treatments has dramatically improved. Anova is continuing to help clients and partners like SSCF build on these successes.


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Anova Enterprises, Inc. (Anova) is accelerating clinical development with a technology platform (AnovaOS™) that streamlines access for those involved in research, accelerates throughput of new therapies, and provides a framework for collaboration, quality evidence generation and scientific insight.

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