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Hungry for Deals or Dinner? Flipp Black Friday Survey Reveals Americans Are Ready to Spend

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After years of growing hype and popularity, Black Friday shopping is basically an unofficial sport – yet some Americans haven’t quite mastered how to best spend their time or money when it comes to stocking up on holiday gifts. A new survey from Flipp, the go-to free shopping app used by tens of millions of shoppers to find deals at the stores they love, reveals many people need to sharpen their savvy shopping skills to score deals.

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(Photo: Business Wire)

(Photo: Business Wire)

This year, 54% of shoppers plan to spend more than $500 on Black Friday. But this number is no surprise, because less than half (42%) create a budget for their Black Friday shopping excursions.

Although shoppers are shelling out big bucks while not sticking to a budget, they are hungry for deals. So much so that 80% would be willing to give up their Thanksgiving dinner for the right deal. Furthermore, finding a great deal or discount is the number one thing Black Friday shoppers look forward to (89%) – even more so than finding the perfect gift (52%).

“Black Friday shopping doesn’t have to mean skipping family time to forge through a sea of people, all to end up overspending,” says Lauren Greutman, Flipp Savings Expert. “Many retailers release their deals weeks ahead of the holiday – some of which are hourly doorbusters, so you know exactly what time the hottest items are on sale – which means you can prepare in advance for what you want and where to shop. With the Flipp app, all the best deals from your favorite brands are in the palm of your hand, making it simple to keep track of all the sales and purchase the gifts you want without blowing your budget.”

To navigate the overwhelming amount of sales and combat racking up a pile of expenses, Flipp is the must-have resource to survive and thrive this Black Friday. Flipp brings circulars and coupons from top retailers straight to your phone, making it easy to plan and save on everything you’ll need for the holiday season. Additional findings from the survey include:

  • Early Bird Gets The Deal: 42% of Black Friday shoppers plan to start rummaging stores before 8 AM. Although when thinking about anticipated struggles of Black Friday shopping, 36% expect to struggle with getting up early.
  • IRL vs. Internet: Shopping in-store is still strong for Black Friday shoppers. Nearly half (49%) say they plan to shop equally in-store and online, with more than a quarter (26%) planning to shop mostly or entirely in-store.
  • Electronic Excitement: According to Greutman, “Seasoned Black Friday shoppers know that electronics are the fastest items to sell out, and stores often only get a few of each to sell.” Electronics are the number one category for Black Friday shoppers, with 64% planning to purchase items in the category this year. Fashion and apparel are not far behind coming in at 58%.
  • Extraordinary Lengths: Black Friday evokes a ‘thrill of the find’ mindset for shoppers. 66% say they would give up television for a month if it meant they’d save $1,000, while 80% say they would give up social media for a week if it meant getting half off the most expensive item on their shopping list.
  • Happy Holidays to Me!: A whopping 69% of Americans intend to shop for themselves this Black Friday. “But remember, just because a deal is great that doesn’t mean you have to purchase it,” says Greutman.
  • Shopping Crawl: 1 in 3 in-store Black Friday shoppers plan to visit 4-6 different stores during Black Friday and 1 in 5 plan to shop at 10 or more stores. “Shop with a friend or spouse and split up. You can sync your Flipp Shopping Lists together and as you shop you can check off the items you have, and your shopping buddy can see the app updating in real time,” says Greutman. “That way you can both shop at the same time without getting duplicate deals and cover more ground.”

Download Flipp for free today at the App Store or Google Play to start saving on all your holiday shopping.

The Survey

The Black Friday survey was conducted online from Sept 9th to Sept 13th. The Black Friday survey was conducted in partnership with Maru/Blue. The survey polled a sample of 1,015 US Black Friday shoppers.

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