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HVR Announces Snowflake Partnership, Allowing Fast, Efficient, Secure Replication of Data for Real-Time Analytics in the Cloud

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provider of real-time cloud data replication technology, has announced a
partnership with Snowflake Inc., the data warehouse built for the cloud.
Together, HVR’s replication solution and Snowflake’s built-for-the cloud
data warehouse give organizations a competitive and operational
advantage, enabling them to better leverage their data, while removing
the need for a massive and costly on-premise infrastructure.

HVR allows customers to perform continuous high volume, real-time data
replication for efficient, secure data integration from a variety of
cloud-based and on-premise sources, such as Oracle, SQL Server, SAP
HANA, Db2 for z/OS, and others, into Snowflake’s modern cloud-based data

“Our goal is to keep our customers’ data moving and in sync as they
adopt the latest and best technologies for integrating, analyzing, and
storing data,” said John Sedleniek, Vice President of Sales, Americas
for HVR. “With HVR and Snowflake, customers get a cutting-edge and
scalable cloud-based solution, simplifying data change in complex
environments for successful and continuous cloud data integration.”

Benefits of the HVR and Snowflake partnership include:

  • Greater organizational access to real-time analytics: HVR
    leverages Snowflake’s data ingestion mechanism, enabling large amounts
    of data to be unlocked from siloed databases and allowing for
    up-to-the minute analytics on organization-wide data
  • Improved efficiency: HVR replicates data using log-based change
    data capture, a non-intrusive solution for replicating data in
    real-time from on-premise environments to the cloud with Snowflake.
    Additionally, HVR offers a proprietary compression function that
    further enables fast data movement for real-time analytics.
  • Increased security: With HVR, organizations can replicate data
    from hundreds of databases without needing to create multiple
    vulnerabilities in the firewall. The data is compressed, as well as
    encrypted, as it is moved from multiple sources to Snowflake.
  • Maximized value: HVR’s proven replication platform and
    Snowflake’s instant and near infinite scalable cloud data warehouse
    share a commitment to provide customers with a powerful, flexible, and
    cost-effective option for managing data where you need it, when you
    need it.

“As our customers move to Snowflake, achieving simple, high-volume,
real-time data integration has become a key requirement,” Snowflake Vice
President of Alliances, Walter Aldana said. “We are excited about our
partnership with HVR and the expanded capabilities for high performance,
scalable, and robust real-time replication.”

Snowflake has been listed as a “Leader” in Gartner’s 2019
Magic Quadrant for Data Management Solutions for Analytics
, thanks
to its high levels of customer satisfaction, reported ease of
deployment, as well as its strong and steady market growth.

To celebrate the partnership, HVR is offering Snowflake customers a free
of the HVR software.

About HVR
HVR provides a real-time cloud data replication
solution that supports enterprise modernization efforts. The HVR
platform is a reliable, secure, and scalable way to quickly and
efficiently integrate large data volumes in complex environments,
enabling real-time data updates, access, and analysis. Global market
leaders in a variety of industries trust HVR to address their real-time
data integration challenges and revolutionize their businesses. HVR is a
privately held company based in San Francisco, with offices across North
America, Europe, and Asia.

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