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I-O Urology Launches First Complete Digital Diagnostic Platform for Remote Urologic Care

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I-O Urology Corp., the leading provider of digital diagnostic technologies for remote urologic care, today announced the availability of its CarePath® platform for active clinical use. Under development since 2015, the unique CarePath system is the first and only portable product to provide real-time, quantitative measurement of uroflow and urine output. The platform, which qualifies for remote patient monitoring reimbursement, offers a unique patient experience that increases engagement, improves compliance, and standardizes treatment pathways for lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS).

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The complete I-O Urology CarePath digital diagnostic platform for remote urologic care. (Photo: Business Wire)

The complete I-O Urology CarePath digital diagnostic platform for remote urologic care. (Photo: Business Wire)

Today, more than 58 million Americans suffer from LUTS, such as overactive bladder and benign prostatic hypertrophy.1,2 Impractical, imprecise, and ineffective urine monitoring methods leave many patients dissatisfied with their current treatment and non-compliant with treatment protocols. The cost-effective and easy-to-use CarePath platform monitors, measures, and records serial voids in real time. Healthcare providers now have access to a standardized tool for navigating care pathways and reducing attrition for LUTS therapies.

The CarePath platform was invented by two physicians looking to transform the standard of care for managing LUTS by improving the quality of objective symptom reporting data and significantly reducing the patient burden inherent in traditional handwritten voiding diaries and bulky commode hats. The compact CarePath system features capacitive sensors and accelerometers to ensure proper orientation, as well as the latest advances in IoMT (Internet of Medical Things), radio-frequency identification, and cellular CAT M1 technology to capture, encrypt, and store objective data in the cloud. The system syncs with a mobile application that enables healthcare providers to engage with patients directly and access real-time voiding data to detect and track urologic disorders accurately. Over the past year, the technology has been available through a growing list of early access collaborations with leading healthcare providers.

“Medical therapy usually provides a small amount of symptom relief but cycling through multiple medications only potentiates the problem,” said Melissa Kaufman, MD, Professor of Urology, Vanderbilt Department of Urology. “With a tool like CarePath, I am able to evaluate the effectiveness of therapies much faster to determine the optimal treatment plan for each patient.”

The I-O Urology leadership team combines an established track record of medical and commercial success. The company’s two co-founders, Brent Laing, MD, and John Green, MD, sold a previous company called Advanced Uro-Solutions to Medtronic in 2014. The acquisition of the company’s neurostimulation device expanded Medtronic’s portfolio of treatment options for those suffering from chronic overactive bladder symptoms.

“After spending more than 35 years as a board certified urogynecologist, I understand all of the frustrations involved with capturing an accurate and objective understanding of a patient’s symptomology,” said Dr. Laing. “The CarePath platform was developed to overcome these challenges with an easy-to-use product that collects and stores flow rate, duration, and volumetric data in the cloud. Healthcare providers, urologists, and urogynecologists can now analyze the data in real time to detect, track, and treat common lower urinary tract symptoms before issues escalate.”

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About I-O Urology Corp.

I-O Urology is transforming the standard of care for managing lower urinary tract symptoms. The innovative CarePath® platform is the first and only complete digital diagnostic platform for remote, real-time measurement of urine output. Featuring the latest RFID chip and cellular CAT M1 IoMT technology advances, the compact and portable system captures, encrypts, and stores objective voiding data in the cloud. Healthcare providers can then access the data via the secure mobile app to accurately diagnose, monitor, and treat urologic disorders. Invented by board-certified physicians, the technology has been under development since 2015 and is currently available with established reimbursement through a growing list of early access collaborations with healthcare providers. I-O Urology is a privately held company based in Elizabethton, Tenn. For more information, please visit

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