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iA Financial Group Selects Moody’s Analytics Software for IFRS 17 Implementation

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Moody’s Analytics, a global provider of financial intelligence,
announced today that iA Financial Group has selected the Moody’s
Analytics RiskIntegrity™
IFRS 17 solution
to prepare for International Financial Reporting
Standard (IFRS) 17.

The Moody’s Analytics RiskIntegrity platform is a cloud-enabled,
out-of-the-box solution that helps insurers meet the stringent reporting
requirements of IFRS 17.

Designed to support the demanding needs of actuaries, accountants, and
IT professionals, the RiskIntegrity IFRS 17 solution comes with all the
capabilities required for an efficient implementation of IFRS 17.
Available as a software-as-a-service solution, RiskIntegrity IFRS 17
integrates seamlessly into an insurer’s existing infrastructure,
connecting data, models, systems, and processes between actuarial and
accounting functions.

“We are striving to help insurers manage, accelerate, and deliver their
IFRS 17 projects,” said Christophe Burckbuchler, Head of Insurance
Strategy and IFRS 17 Solutions at Moody’s Analytics. “We look forward to
working with iA Financial Group on their IFRS 17 implementation.”

For the latest IFRS 17 insight from Moody’s Analytics, visit the Moody’s
Analytics IFRS
17 Thought Leadership Center

 to learn more about the Moody’s Analytics RiskIntegrity IFRS 17

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About iA Financial Group
iA Financial Group is one of the
largest insurance and wealth management groups in Canada, with
operations in the United States. Founded in 1892, it is one of Canada’s
largest public companies and is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange
under the ticker symbols IAG (common shares) and IAF (preferred shares).
Visit the iA
Financial Group
website to learn more.