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ibex Adds Social Reputation Management Solution to Wave X Platform

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ibex (NASDAQ:IBEX), a leading global provider of CX technologies and outsourcing solutions, today announced the launch of its new social reputation management solution. The new technology is a component of ibex’s purpose-built Wave X platform. The solution allows brands to manage, analyze, and respond to unsolicited customer expressions aggregated from over 90 of the most popular sources on the internet, featuring a powerful text & sentiment analytics engine.

“With this new release, we’re only scratching the surface of the capabilities of our Wave X platform,” says Bob Dechant, CEO of ibex. “We’re a technology company and we’re a BPO, and this puts us in a unique position in the CX market landscape. With the launch of our social reputation management technology, we’re pushing the pace of innovation yet again, offering our clients an integrated and disruptive technology which they can easily plug directly into their CX operation. This becomes increasingly powerful when paired with content moderation specialists, turning social responsiveness into an organizational strength.”

Wave X is designed to maximize brand, agent, and contact center performance through a host of end-to-end CX performance technologies. This new product capability offers clients a unified dashboard for analyzing, answering, and influencing customer reviews from sites like Google, Facebook, Airbnb, and more.

ibex’s social reputation management technology offers clients the following features:

  • Unsolicited review and comment aggregation from 90+ social media review sites
  • Content moderation via automation or human intervention
  • Intuitive, centralized dashboard for real-time KPI monitoring
  • In-Platform response to social media review feedback
  • A.I. & text analytics for Sentiment categorization of unstructured feedback
  • Analytics suite for comprehensive program performance

“There is an incredible amount of unsolicited customer feedback and sentiment about brands on the internet. Many organizations are struggling to not only ingest high volumes of structured and unstructured data, but to also make sense of the data and take intelligent action, at scale,” says Jeff Cox, President of ibex Digital. “With our new social reputation management software, we’ve created a solution that helps our clients centralize and aggregate review feedback from their channels of choice, act quickly on incoming feedback, connect the technology directly into their CX operation, and protect their brands in the social media space.”

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