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ibex Named Nearshore Company of the Year

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ibex was named Nearshore Company of the Year from Nearshore Americas.
The “Best of Nearshore” Nexus Illuminate Awards are given to reward the
achievements of individuals, countries, and companies that make major
contributions to the nearshore industry’s ongoing success. The award was
given at their annual Nexus event in Brooklyn, NY on May 16, 2019.

“ibex’s remarkable growth over the last three years in both Jamaica and
Nicaragua as well as their economic impact to the area was the reason
for their win,” said Kirk Laughlin, founder and managing director of
Nearshore Americas. “This is the most prestigious award we give each
year and it was well deserved by ibex.”

“In late 2015, ibex launched our first nearshore sites to service our
clients’ requirements. To be recognized by Nearshore Americas – the
leading authority on the market – as the BEST NEARSHORE COMPANY within
three years is an amazing achievement,” said Bob Dechant, CEO of ibex.
“Our footprint has the scale and market diversity to compete with the
largest of our competitors. When you marry that with our unbeatable
employee engagement, you have a team that can’t be beat. We will
continue to look for new locations to sustain our explosive growth.”

Nearshore Americas is celebrating its 10th year as an online
publication for the technology services industry devoted to promoting
nearshore locations Latin America and the Caribbean through news,
analysis and advisory services.

About ibex

ibex, headquartered in Washington, D.C., USA delivers onshore,
nearshore, and off-shore business process outsourcing solutions in seven
countries across 26 sites, maintaining a network of over 19,000
employees. ibex focuses on improving the customer service experience on
behalf of over 70 global clients through multi-channel inbound and
outbound communications in over 20 languages. ibex delivers superior
support for their clients’ customers — it is their mission possible.