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Icon Source Launches 50 for 50 Campaign to Support Female Athletes

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Icon Source, a digital marketplace that connects aspiring brands and professional athletes, launches 50 for 50 campaign to help boost awareness and financial support for professional women in sports. Icon Source will waive its fees for the first 50 companies to commit to spending a minimum of $10,000 over the next 12-months with female athletes.

According to Business Insider, the 10 highest-paid male athletes in 2020 out earned the women with the same ranking by an average of $68.9 million in total earnings. “It’s undeniable there’s a tremendous financial disparity across genders in sports,” said Chase Garrett, founder and CEO of Icon Source. “We have hundreds of female athletes on our platform who all have a captured audience from their talents and accomplishments. It’s important to us to promote these athletes and encourage brands to partner with them for their next marketing activations.”

To promote 50 for 50, Icon Source will be running media and social campaigns to highlight the brands and athletes involved. The company is also planning to host a virtual celebration to recognize the content created through these collaborations.

“Icon Source is a valuable tool for athletes and their agents to connect directly with brands for endorsement deals,” added Sarah Hendrickson, American ski jumper. “The gender pay gap in sports is a serious issue and it’s incredible to see a company like Icon Source use its platform to raise awareness and make a genuine impact toward generating revenue opportunities for female athletes.”

One of the first brands to commit to the 50 for 50 campaign is Milner Technologies. “I was glad to get the call from Icon Source,” shared Tom McMahon, the company’s regional vice president. “We support the Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Jets and a host of other professional sports teams, but frankly we have not been contacted by anyone promoting women in sports until now. We immediately said yes as it makes perfect sense for us to support these great athletes as an organization doing business in 2021 and beyond.”

Icon Source is the first of its kind marketplace that connects brands and athletes with efficient workflow, clear conversations and simple preloaded contracts. Leveraging technology, the company’s mobile application and AI-powered platform pairs athletes and brands based on social audience demographics, as well as the ability to run organic searches based on schedule, demographics, sports and personal interests.

Female athletes without representation are welcome to sign up for Icon Source directly to connect with brands and access the platform’s contract tools.

About Icon Source

Icon Source is a digital marketplace that brings agents, athletes and brands together. The Denver-based startup is the only platform that provides brands of all sizes direct communication with agents, eliminating unnecessary intermediate steps to engage with a professional athlete. Its proprietary AI technology pairs athletes and brands based on social audience demographics. For additional information and to create a free account, visit