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ID Plans Launches ID 360, Allowing Customers to Lease Vacant Retail Space Faster, Without Leaving Their Desks

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Today ID Plans, a pioneer in the commercial real estate technology industry, announced the launch of ID 360, a web-based, interactive product that offers clients a more comprehensive overview of their retail property, along with in-depth information on the space’s assets. The introduction of ID 360 comes at a time when social distancing is in place, and this product allows customers the ability to have property information at their fingertips, all in one place, anywhere in the world, so they can focus on quickly leasing vacant space and generating revenue — all virtually.

“We are thrilled to offer clients this innovative software technology that will increase their efficiency, allowing them to sell retail space faster,” said Jeff Landry, CEO of ID Plans. “For 21 years we’ve offered our customers across the nation effective solutions, but in today’s new frontier, ID Plans is more relevant and beneficial than ever before.”

Landry continued, “The harsh reality of living in a world with social distancing guidelines is that there may be more vacant retail space becoming available, but our technology helps customers showcase accurate and detailed information about their space with a touch of a button, and without having an in-person meeting or site walkthrough.”

One of the key attributes of the new product is its 360-degree overview of a retail property, which includes an expansive exterior view, similar to a street view, as well as a 360-degree look inside the space. This gives the user a virtual tour experience of the property.

Added functionality gives customers an in-depth view of the space’s vital assets — from floorboards to electrical and mechanical information, to even its plumbing — all in a user-friendly, self-service dashboard format. This makes for more proactive property management, as the software will identify potential maintenance issues before they arise. Clients managing multiple properties have the ability to select the desired space directly from the dashboard and send it to a potential business lead.

Developing ID 360 was six years in the making for ID Plans, as the company took considerable time to listen to its customers and implement their feedback. ID Plans also added a new Design Development team, an entirely new department, to oversee the creation.

ID Plans has always been proud to provide accurate data to its customers swiftly. The ID Plans field team builds the data as they survey the property on-site, photographing and cataloging every inch of the property’s space. The data is shared with the home office for quality control, editing and processing for the finished files. From start to finish, ID Plans guarantees the final product will be delivered to the client within 10 business days.

About ID Plans

For two decades, ID Plans has been a leader in the commercial real estate technology industry, providing innovative and efficient software solutions, along with world-class customer service to each of its clients. Headquartered in the heart of the growing tech community in downtown Tampa, Florida, ID Plans has a national reach, serving some of the top CRE firms in the country, such as NewMark Merrill Companies, Publix Super Markets, Inc., Phillips Edison & Company and Regency Properties. For more information, visit