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iDS Offers A Fast, Cost-Effective Way To Gauge Employee Risk With ERA

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iDiscovery Solutions (iDS), a leading legal expert services firm, has announced the latest version of Employee Risk Assessment (ERA). ERA, an iDS Expert Solution, leverages iDS’s forensic expertise and technology to provide a cost-effective option for early review of potential risks associated with an employee’s activity.

“Intellectual property has immense value,” said Julian Ackert, Managing Director of iDS. “For businesses concerned about current and departing employees misappropriating secrets and confidential information, ERA provides insight into unusual activity, allowing them to quickly understand their risks.”

ERA evaluates a series of artifacts from devices and systems that can provide companies a view into employee activity, their potential risk, and the appropriate next steps. These artifacts can provide insights about things such as cloud activity, USB access, and recently opened files.

Fast, affordable, and scalable, ERA can provide insights in as little as 24 hours and can be deployed as often as needed, all at a fixed cost. ERA allows companies to have actionable intelligence so that they can make informed decisions related to deeper dive analyses, including whether to launch a full-scale digital forensic investigation.

Offered under a flat-fee model, ERA is commonly leveraged in three ways:

  1. To investigate a former employee who may have exfiltrated confidential information
  2. Investigating team moves, such as when multiple employees exit at or near the same time, possibly for a competitor
  3. Internal investigations regarding instances of inappropriate access or activity

“Fixed pricing allows businesses to deploy ERA as needed at a predictable cost,” Ackert said. “They can look at an employee’s computer for a flat fee. If they want to dig deeper, they can add mobile devices or other data sources, such as email, CRM logs, or badge swipes, for another flat fee.”

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