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Ignite Sales Achieves Record Growth, Entering 2020 With Momentum

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Ignite Sales, Inc., the financial industry leader in customer engagement technology, announced the company experienced an impressive year in 2019 in terms of growth, industry recognition and product enhancements.

As the financial industry focuses more intently on technology to drive outstanding customer engagement, financial institutions are recognizing that Ignite Sales’ highly developed and proven technology empowers bankers and their customers to easily discover and meet financial needs.

The company’s leading-edge Customer Engagement Platform, Ignite Neuro, continues to see rapid adoption by leading banks and credit unions across the U.S., with implementations in branches by new clients exceeding 2,900. This technology provides customized, customer-facing guided conversations intended to help bankers and customers better understand life circumstances and needs. Ignite Neuro then analyzes those needs across the institution’s entire suite of products to serve up highly accurate recommendations.

As a result, product adoption rates are likely to grow by more than 100 percent, and customer loyalty is extended by as much as two years for every engaged customer or member, new and current. In fact, financial institutions using Ignite’s customer engagement platform have seen customer satisfaction increase by nearly 40 percent. Because of the success of its products, Ignite was named an award finalist by The AIconics, the world renowned awards celebrating the drive, innovation and hard work in the international AI community.

“We have a propensity to embrace new technology, especially one that improves our sales process and makes employees’ jobs easier,” said Dan Westhues, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Central Bank, one of Ignite’s partners. “Ignite’s solutions were made with the bank’s sales team in mind and truly provide that extra element to drive meaningful conversations. Central Bank has enjoyed partnering with Ignite to achieve more focused conversations to help customers reach the endgame faster.”

To facilitate Ignite’s growth in 2019, the company hired two key players. Kelly Schilling joined Ignite as SVP, bringing seasoned relationships to the team. Schilling is responsible for driving new business with enterprise customers. Ignite also hired credit union expert Whitney Loe as Director of Business Development for Credit Unions. Loe has helped Ignite expand its business development within the financial industry, specifically in the credit union space.

“We are thrilled to empower banks and credit unions with greatly enhanced capabilities to improve the financial wellness of individual consumers and small businesses,” said George Noga, Ignite Sales CEO. “As our company continues to achieve rapid growth, it is very important for us to always provide the best technology, most insightful analytics and experienced professional guidance to all of our clients working to attract and retain customers by deepening relationships and providing ongoing value. We look forward to seeing where our strong momentum will take Ignite in 2020.”

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Ignite Sales empowers banks and credit unions to conduct highly efficient and effective customer interactions designed to discover customer needs and make accurate product recommendations. Its award-winning customer engagement platform digitizes the sales process online and in the branch. Ignite significantly improves sales force performance by using artificial intelligence (AI) and behavioral science proven over 20 years with the industry’s leading banks, resulting in 40% improved customer satisfaction, 100% accurate recommendations and up to 150% growth in sales. Award winning analytics show bank management valuable information unattainable with any other fintech provider. Visit us at

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