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iMod Structures Receives DSA Approval of Temporary Foundation for Modular, Relocatable Classrooms

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iMod Structures (IMS), makers of ‘Future Proof’ modular classrooms, announced today that the California Division of the State Architect (DSA) has approved the company’s design and use of temporary foundations for its pre-fabricated, modular classrooms.

“Campus modernization and wellness upgrade projects for elementary schools, colleges and universities in California just got a lot easier,” said Reed Walker, a Principal of iMod Structures. “With DSA approval of our temporary foundations, a school can temporarily relocate its students into our high quality, relocatable classrooms during a modernization project or a wellness safety upgrade, then move them later to a permanent position on campus, all without disrupting the school year or displacing students, teachers and administrators. Why lease a low-quality trailer to house your students during a modernization project when they can experience the benefits of our Future Proof classroom?”

No other provider of pre-fabricated, modular high-performance classrooms has DSA approval to use a temporary foundation with pre-fabricated modular classrooms that can be easily relocated and incorporated into a school’s permanent campus once a modernization project is complete.

California faces a massive need for school modernization. There are more than 1,000 school districts and nearly six million K-12 students in the state, representing about 11% of all elementary students in the US. The State Analyst’s Office of California estimates that 33% of all students in the state are attending an overcrowded school or one in need of modernization. To address this need, the California State Allocation Board estimates the state must invest $30 billion in school infrastructure.

“The need for school modernization was daunting and urgent well before the pandemic, and it’s even more critical now,” said Walker. “California educates more students than any other state in the country, and we need smart, innovative, new solutions to ensure the education of our students is not unnecessarily disrupted. And when the students and teachers are back in the classroom, we must ensure their wellness by housing them in the safest, most resilient facilities possible. We are proud to play a key role in addressing the pressure our schools now face on this front.”

Based on the proprietary iMod Future Proof design and its temporary foundation, IMS high performance classrooms provide the ultimate in speed of delivery and flexibility. Available in single and/or two-story configurations, the classrooms are pre-fabricated in the iMod factory on Mare Island, just one hour north of San Francisco. They are then delivered to a school site ready for utility hook up, final fit and finish, and occupancy within weeks. Standard iMod classrooms are delivered within six months of contract execution. Although the temporary foundation is available only on the company’s single-story classrooms, these temporary classrooms can be relocated to a permanent facility as second story classrooms at a later date when needed.

Founded in 2009, iMod Structures recognized that transforming traditional classrooms would require significant innovation in classroom design, space utilization and technology. As a result, the company has married advanced technologies and an innovative new moment frame building design to create the iMod High Performance Building System. IMS now makes the industry’s only classrooms that are relocatable, reconfigurable, sustainable and long lasting.

With their unique design, iMod classrooms achieve forty feet of clear span in a multi-story configuration without requiring internal structural columns, walls or external trusses. If necessary, a second-story can be added to a pre-existing iMod building at any time in the future, conserving open space on a school campus. And, as student populations ebb and flow with changing demographics, the second story of a classroom building can be removed and relocated to some other location to become the first story of a new school facility.

About iMod Structures

iMod Structures (IMS) is transforming classrooms and how they are built. Combining advanced technologies and progressive new approaches to building design and construction, IMS is designing, manufacturing and installing DSA approved high-performance, pre-fabricated, Future Proof classrooms that are designed specifically as healthy and sustainable 21st Century learning environments. The company was founded in 2009 and is based on Mare Island in Vallejo, Calif. The company is funded by a select group of private investors and major financial institutions, including Goldman Sachs. For more information about iMod Structures and its iMod High Performance Building System, please visit