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Improving Salesforce Effectiveness for a Healthcare Major | Quantzig’s New Success Story Reveals How Firms Can Gauge and Improve Their ROI on Sales Initiatives

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Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems has announced the completion of its recent sales force effectiveness engagement. This success story sheds light on the importance of sales force analytics and its role in driving measurable outcomes in the healthcare sector.

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Sales force analytics empowers businesses to gain deeper insights into customer needs and preferences. Request a FREE proposal to learn how such insights can help you drive significant improvements across business segments.

Businesses today solely rely on sales force effectiveness to identify and cater to the changing needs of the end-users of health care services. According to a study, sales force effectiveness initiatives in the healthcare industry is estimated to increase operational performance by up to 8%. The sales force is a crucial engine for the growth of the health care services sector, which comprises of medical products and services companies. But data is often scarce about the impact of sales force effectiveness (SFE) initiatives. As a result, many leading providers of health care services approach firms like Quantzig to improve sales force effectiveness. Businesses belonging to the healthcare sector have realized the importance of sales force analytics and data management and are more inclined to invest in such services. Salesforce effectiveness provides companies with significant opportunities to improve organic growth and increase their profit margins.

Healthcare sales leaders across segments know that SFE investments pay off through incremental revenue and profits, but they don’t have clear benchmarks to indicate what success looks like. Talk to our analytics experts for personalized insights.

The Business Problem: A leading health care services provider approached Quantzig as they were struggling to define a successful approach and demonstrate a measurable return on investment (ROI). The client wanted to stay ahead of the shifting market dynamics by developing an improvised sales model

According to Quantzig’s sales analytics experts, “As the healthcare environment becomes more dynamic, healthcare service providers have a clear opportunity to improve sales performance through sales force effectiveness initiatives.”

The Solution Offered: To help the client tackle their challenges, Quantzig’s sales analytics experts adopted a comprehensive three-phased approach that focused on leveraging data mining algorithms and NLP techniques to automatically transform unstructured data into structured data providing information about products, services, and other customer service-related issues. The solution provided insights on the effectiveness of materials, sales tactics, and ideas to improve current business models.

Quantzig’s sales force effectiveness solutions helped the client to:

  • Achieve an overall 10% increase in sales margins
  • Improve customer satisfaction by adapting to the dynamic needs of the health care services sector
  • We are best positioned to use our domain expertise, process knowledge, and analytics capabilities to serve your interest. Book a FREE platform demo to learn more about our sales force effectiveness solutions.

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