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Inagene Diagnostics Inc. Announces New CEO

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The Board of Directors of Inagene Diagnostics Inc. is pleased to
announce the appointment of Nancy White as its Chief Executive Officer.
“We are excited about Nancy’s vision for Inagene,” said Don Wright,
Chairman of the Board. “Nancy’s deep expertise in sales and marketing
will help Inagene accelerate the commercialization of our organization.”
Nancy joined Inagene in January to help develop the sales and marketing
strategy. Now that Inagene’s Personal InsightsTM test has
been successfully launched, Nancy’s deep commercial expertise will help
Inagene accelerate sales and business development partnerships.

We are also pleased to announce that Peter Brenders has taken on the
role of Strategic Advisor to the Chairman of Inagene. In his new
capacity, Peter will play a key role in the company’s next stage of
development, supporting the Board and senior management as Inagene grows
and plans for expansion. Peter was brought on last year to help set the
strategic direction and deliver a commercial launch plan. We have been
delighted with the company ‘s success in launching not only its first
product, but also launching our company.

In the shadow of the opioid crisis, unrelieved pain costs Canadians up
to $60 billion yearly in health care expenditures and lost productivity.1
Many Canadians struggle to find adequate relief. “We are committed to
ongoing research and want to make a meaningful difference in the lives
of patients suffering from pain.” noted Dr. Katherine Siminovitch,
FRCP(C), ABIM, Chief Science Advisor, Inagene Diagnostics Inc.

Inagene’s Personalized InsightsTM focuses on providing the
most comprehensive genetic test for pain treatments and dependency risk
covering 55 genes and 116 variants. Inagene’s own dedicated genetics and
research testing lab service is available directly to patients or by
recommendation of their healthcare professional. Learn more by visiting
our website at


1. Lynch ME. The need for a Canadian pain strategy. Pain Research and
Management. 2011;16(2):77-80.