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Incorta Direct Data Platform Delivers 313% ROI, According to New Total Economic Impact Study

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Incorta, the Direct Data Platform, today announced that its commissioned Total Economic Impact (TEI) Study conducted by Forrester Consulting found that enterprise organizations using Incorta’s Direct Data Platform benefit from a three-year ROI of 313 percent and increased productivity among business analysts and data engineers.

Customers interviewed for the TEI study reported that Incorta helps them accomplish ROI by providing a unified view of all their data in real time from different systems. Incorta’s Direct Data Platform altered significantly customers’ IT teams’ culture, encouraging employees to make more intelligent decisions and to become more curious about their data. Customers no longer have to wait weeks or even days for answers, they can gather insights in a matter of minutes with Incorta.

“We estimate 200 hours of work for one integration. That is just the build and test part of it, a one-time activity which is done as part of the project. We do the exact same thing in Incorta — it takes me about 5 minutes,” an SVP of risk data analytics and financial services said in the TEI study.

A senior manager from a high tech company noted: “Because we can bring down the infrastructure costs and improve upon time-to-market expectations, Incorta has delivered a huge benefit for our stakeholders. Time-to-market solutioning changed from 1.5 months to a week and a half. This resulted in huge ROI, not necessarily always just from a cost perspective.”

Incorta powers businesses with a new generation of data analytics that can harness massive volumes of data from multiple sources and transform it into value-added insights at lightning speed. As a result, data-driven enterprises can become more agile and competitive by resolving their most complex data analytics challenges.

“It’s incredibly validating to hear so many first-hand examples of customers receiving this value from our Direct Data Platform,” said Incorta CEO Osama Elkady. “Our goal is to empower organizations to make real-time decisions about their data. When analysts and engineers can perform all their data tasks in one platform, they become more self-sufficient and are more easily able to access the data they need, with the freedom to explore it.”

For this study, Forrester conducted in-depth interviews with professionals from the retail food chain, financial services and high technology industries who are using Incorta’s Direct Data Platform. Forrester aggregated the experiences of the interviewed customers and combined the results into a single composite organization. Prior to using the Incorta Direct Data Platform, customers experienced significant challenges with integrating and processing complex business data sets. Enterprises desired a better way to deliver business reporting that could bypass legacy extract, transform, load (ETL) processes, which are fragile and time-consuming.

The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Incorta on their organizations. Incorta provides organizations solutions that democratize data analysis and simplifies the infrastructure and support needed to increase real-time business insights. With this platform, business analysts are enabled to access and link multiple data sources, bypassing much of the time- and resource-intensive data engineer support needed for current data environments. To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with this investment, Forrester interviewed three companies and five professionals with experience using the Incorta Direct Data Platform.

Key findings include:

  • Increased productivity. “We’re saving at least 50% [of] people’s time compared to the old way of managing or manipulating the data together,” a financial services senior vice president reported. Incorta reduces time-intensive, legacy ETL processes and integrates multiple, massive data sources into the Incorta platform, all while requiring minimal effort.
  • Lightning-speed data analysis. “Previously it took weeks before we started analyzing the data from a new request. But with Incorta, you’re talking about shrinking that into minutes, into hours now,” the financial services executive interviewed for the study explained.
  • Reduced system maintenance. “Incorta allows us to do everything within the same platform where previously we needed three or four different tools. Now we just do everything once,” said an SVP of risk data analytics. Direct Data Platform simplifies environments, which reduces additional maintenance costs.

To read the full Total Economic Impact Study commissioned by Forrester Consulting, please visit Also, please register for our webinar at 10 a.m. PST/1p.m. EST on Tuesday, December 8th to discuss the financial impact of Incorta’s Direct Data Platform, covering the benefits, costs, risk and flexibility. Speakers include Incorta CEO Osama Elkady, guest Forrester’s Vice President and Principal Analyst Boris Evelson along with a Forrester TEI consultant.

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