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Indicative Customer Analytics Platform Approved on Google Cloud Marketplace

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Indicative, a leading Customer Analytics software company, today announced its inclusion in the Google Cloud Marketplace. Indicative, the only Customer Analytics platform capable of connecting directly to a company’s cloud data warehouse, is now the first Customer Analytics solution approved for the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Designed to assist product and marketing teams to make better decisions by understanding user behavior across every touchpoint, Indicative follows individual customer journeys from the first click through the entire customer lifecycle. This data shows marketers and product managers how to replicate and retain their best customers.

“Indicative helps companies solve the trickiest part of data analysis — using their data to improve business decisions,” said Indicative CEO, Jeremy Levy. “Our platform creates a strong link between data analysts and their marketing and product-focused peers. Indicative doesn’t require knowledge of SQL, and as such, equips even non-technical users with the ability to generate interactive analysis that enables product managers and marketers to follow their customers’ journeys.”

While Indicative features custom integrations with a variety of cloud data warehouses, Indicative’s inclusion in the Google Cloud Marketplace means that users of Google’s cloud storage products can begin using Indicative without needing to manually reconfigure their storage or network settings.

Connecting Indicative’s Customer Analytics platform to an organization’s cloud data warehouse avoids the errors created by duplicate data collection and provides every person within that organization a single source of truth. Query-building in Indicative does not require knowledge of structured query language (SQL), significantly lowering barriers for companies without large data teams to discover actionable insights within their customer data.

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About Indicative:

Indicative is the only Customer Analytics platform that enables individuals to make better data-driven decisions by connecting everyone to a single source of data and providing simple tools to analyze customer behavior. In the market since 2014, Indicative has helped companies like Prezi, TodayTix, and HavenLife improve their customer experiences.