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Industry Experts Discuss the Future of Cybersecurity Awareness

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Lucy Security, one of the largest providers of IT security awareness training worldwide, invites customers, users and certified partners to the 4th LUCY User Group Conference on November 12, 2020. Industry experts from business and academia will speak on the topic of Next Level Cybersecurity Awareness and Cyber Prevention – always with a focus on an active exchange of experiences. In addition, the future evolvement of the LUCY awareness platform will be discussed; users can share their experiences, contribute development requests and learn more about future product versions. In addition to two presentations by Lucy Security, a keynote and a customer case will highlight why cybersecurity awareness is becoming increasingly important in companies.

Fake news and the measurability of cybersecurity awareness

Dr. Peter Berlich, lecturer at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) with a research focus on information security, will deliver a keynote about security awareness in times of fake news. As the public space is currently flooded with vague, contradictory and sometimes deliberately misleading information, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies and individuals to distinguish fact from fiction and real threats from imaginary ones. This disorientation also affects security controls and sometimes makes them more difficult. This makes security awareness training measures, the measurement of effective sensitization and the objective evaluation of the effect of a training measure all the more important.

Jörg Jungblut, Head Information Security Partner at SIX Group, explains how these are carried out and how their success can be measured using a customer case. The specialist for information security shows that nowadays, due to the ever more diverse and sophisticated attempts at attack, it is no longer sufficient to rely solely on the click rates achieved when running awareness measures. He questions the fact that many companies only count how often their employees click on (simulated) phishing mails – and do nothing more for awareness.

Experience sharing of users

“The importance of cybersecurity awareness measures in the industry is growing all the time,” said Palo Stacho, co-founder and Head of Operations at Lucy Security. “More and more companies are driving training for their employees to raise their awareness of IT security. It is therefore important that companies can come together to learn from each other’s experiences and share their future needs. With this year’s virtual LUCY User Group conference, we offer the appropriate framework for this.”

Since 2015, Lucy Security has been offering comprehensive training software that provides a 360° view of corporate IT security vulnerabilities. Awareness training courses from Lucy Security train and inform employees on a learning platform. This platform also enables companies to assume the fictitious role of an attacker. Regular attack simulations help employees to train and increase their sensitivity to cybersecurity. The LUCY User Group Conference will take place for the fourth time this year. Registration is via this link: Zoom Webinar.

Virtual 4th LUCY User Group Conference at a glance


Nov-12-2020, 8.00am – 9.30am CT (15:00-16:30 CET)



Zoom Webinar, registration here



Customers, users, certified partners and invited guests



1. Welcome and Agenda

2. Keynote “Security Awareness in the Time of Fake News” – Dr. Peter Berlich, Zurich University of Applied Sciences

3. Customer Case “Running Cybersecurity Awareness Programmes – Why Focusing on Clickrates Only Misleads” – Jörg Jungblut, SIX Group

4. “New LUCY Content & Functionality Today and Tomorrow” – Oliver Münchow, Lucy Security

5. “Feedback from the Audience and Development Requests” – Colin Bastable, Lucy Security

6. Wrap-up, Next Event, thank you and closing

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