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IndustryWired Magazine Names ‘The Most Valuable Brands of the Year 2019’

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IndustryWired, a brand of Stravium Intelligence, has named “The Most Valuable Brands of the Year” in its December Magazine issue.

The magazine issue recognises 10 brands which have a strong influence, create loyalty; attract, retain, and motivate talent; and deliver unique and more cohesive solutions to customers. The magazine explores how these companies have effectively worked to provide better productivity and growth, making their brands stand out in a highly competitive market. Here are the brands that made the list:

B.O.R. Restoration: Featuring as the Cover Story is Best Option Restoration (B.O.R), a franchised business specializing in water, fire and mold remediation using state-of-the-art thermal drying techniques. BOR has a sister brand, Bio-One Inc, which dominates the franchise bioremediation space while having over 100+ locations nationwide.

EduconIndia: Recognized as Brand of the Month is EduconIndia, a progressively growing professional organization that offers one-of-a-kind Consultancy and Advisory solutions to a wide variety of students who strive to have a career abroad. The company is an official & exclusive partner of Kaplan USA for its Live In Person lectures in India.

Aditya Timpack: Aditya Timpack supplies a wide variety of packaging alternatives including laminated bags, polypropylene bags, PP woven FIBC, and more. Within the evolving packaging industry, it has grown significantly and has placed a benchmark on the worldwide industry.

BessTrade: A worldwide trading company in the total range of polymers, BessTrade PVC Recycling has been active in the field of PVC recycling for more than 45 years now in the form of its founder Ivo Besselsen.

BQ Blockchain Ventures: It is a holding company that has Bitinka, Inkapay, Blockzy and Swaply under its development. It offers a cryptocurrency exchange platform with a presence in more than 40 countries.

CYFIRMA: A cyber intelligence analytics company which helps organizations in unravelling unknown cyber threats and provide predictive digital risk management solution. It has pioneered the “Outside-in” view of predictive cybersecurity-powered cyber threat visibility and intelligence.

LiveFreely: A digital health company that develops innovative technology to improve the health and well-being of seniors and individuals suffering from chronic illnesses. It is launching BUDDY, the first-of-its-kind AI, and machine learning-driven app for predicting health challenges.

Mako Design + Invent: A full-service consumer product development firm that focuses on providing services to small product businesses, early-stage invention startups and home inventors. The company caters towards the product and consumer design market.

Tachyum: A semiconductor company which is designing the world’s first “Universal Processor”, a 64-core, low cost, ultra-high performance, low power processor chip. Prodigy is the company’s flagship product and scheduled for high rate production in the first half of 2021.

Williams & Marshall Strategy: A global full-service market research and consulting company which provides market insight and analysis on a wide range of industries and markets. The company currently monitors and covers more than 600 product markets and industries in over 150 countries.

As innovation continues to grow, it has become essential for brands to include technology as part of their brand strategy. The featured brands are significantly embracing digital transformation in their products and services combined with deep industry expertise and human-centered approaches to help clients shape their business strategies and drive growth.

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