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IndustryWired Magazine Names ‘Top 20 Extraordinary CEOs to Watch’

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IndustryWired, a brand of Stravium Intelligence, has named ‘Top 20 Extraordinary CEOs to Watch’ in its October Magazine issue.

The magazine issue recognizes 20 extraordinary CEOs who are revolutionizing industries by leading and building a strong team, combining best-in-class technology, and taking strategic decisions to make their organizations different from their peers. Here is a look at the inspiring executives who made the list:

Featuring as the Cover Story is Jerry Clum, Founder and CEO of Hommati, a franchise business that offers innovative services like virtual staging, aerial videos and photography using drones, 3D interactive, AR/VR tours, among others. Jerry has spent the past 22 years in the franchising industry having owned 11 franchises as a franchisee, consulted for hundreds of franchisors, created multiple franchise models, helping over 1,000 individuals become franchise owners.

Named as CEO of the Year, Dr. Fred Cooper is the Founder and CEO of ARIIX, an industry-disruptive direct selling company. Dr. Fred holds a Ph.D. in Business and Statistics and taught for 17 years as a professor at the University of Utah. He is one of the world’s foremost experts in managing direct selling companies, with over 20 years of industry experience.

Recognized as CEO of the Month, Abdul B. Subhani is the President and CEO of Centex Technologies, a computer consulting company. Abdul is a speaker and writer on IT security issues and has been actively involved in the community in both academic and civic activities. He is also a member of the Killeen Exchange Club and the FBI InfraGard.

Bipin Shah: As the Chairman and CEO of Kovair that focused in the areas of Integrated Applications Lifecycle Management Tools, Bipin is responsible for the company’s growth and success. He also worked in the semiconductor industry before entering the Software domain.

Charles Green: Founder and CEO of RFi Group, a global data-driven insights provider focused exclusively on financial services, Charles is an experienced leader and adviser in the banking and financial services sector, with over 20 years of experience.

Dr. Isaac Andy: Founder and CEO of iZND Services, Dr. Isaac brings his entrepreneurial journey with enthusiasm and excitement and commenced his career as an Analyst Programmer. He is an avid leader that provides IT Solutions through his organization with a strong leadership backbone.

Dr. Tigran Haas: Dr. Tigran is the Director and CEO of CFP and the Director of the Graduate Program in Urbanism at the School of Architecture and the Built Environment at KTH. He holds advanced degrees in Architecture, Urban Planning and Urban Design, Environmental Science and Regional Planning.

Gordon Shevlin: Gordon is the CEO of Allgress Inc., a global provider of automated next-generation integrated cloud and on-premise IT Security, Compliance and Risk Management Solutions. Gordon also co-founded several companies over a career spanning over 25 years, including SiegeWorks and SiegeWorks International.

Helen Al Uzaizi: As the CEO of BizWorld UAE which primarily focuses on entrepreneurship education for children and youth between the ages of 7 and 15, Helen holds over 18 years of professional experience spanning marketing, advertising, non-profit management, business development, and entrepreneurship.

Hisham Alrayes: Hisham is the Group CEO and a member of the Board of Directors of GFH Financial Group that offers a unique financial portfolio of diversified global investments. Hisham brings extensive expertise and in-depth knowledge to reshape the GFH’s business.

Ian Flanagan: Founder and Group CEO of Voly, a leading FinTech company in the yachting industry, Ian is a professional global tennis player and won a Youth Olympic Gold medal before retiring due to injury.

James Lloyd-Townshend: Graduated in economics and accounting from the University of Newcastle, James is the Chairman and CEO of Frank Recruitment Group, a global leader in staffing for IT professionals and specializes in recruitment for niche and emerging technology markets.

Jeff LoCastro: Founder and CEO of Neener Analytics, Jeff loves shaking-the-frame, creating dots before they become lines, embarking on a quest to fundamentally rattle an industry, doing something different, and build teams that share his vision.

Myles Peacock: Myles is the CEO of CreativeDrive, a tech-based, global production services company offering tailored content solutions. Myles is focused on supporting its exceptional talents of over 1,000 talented photographers, filmmakers, motion graphic designers, app developers, and numerous other specialists.

Nin Desai: President and CEO of NIN Ventures, a crowdfunded technology venture capital firm, Nin’s experiences span all facets of mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance including public offerings and private placements.

Patrick Doyle: Patrick is the CEO of Stelexis Therapeutics, a New York-based private biotechnology company. Patrick catapulted various early-stage biotech companies to a higher status through fundraising millions of dollars and establishing productive relationships.

Peter Nilsson: CEO and Co-founder of APR Technologies, Peter is an initiative taker behind the company, and has worked as a pioneer with developing advanced nanosatellites, and R&D engineer at NASA/JPL.

Paolo Fidanza: Paolo is the Co-founder and CEO of MO Technologies, the world’s fastest-growing FinTech company. Paolo is a passionate entrepreneur with vast experience in technology, internet, and mobile sectors, making the world a better place.

Richard A. Newberry: Richard is the CEO of KMC Controls, the solution for smart buildings. He holds over 30 years of executive and general management experience in the energy, oil and gas, technology manufacturing, and building automation segments.

Yossi Vardi: Yossi is the CEO and Co-Founder of SafeRide, the provider of vSentry™, the industry-leading multi-layer cybersecurity solution for connected and autonomous vehicles. Yossi is a successful sales, marketing, and business executive in multiple high-tech industries.

In today’s competitive digital ecosystem where there is a need for a more agile business structure in an organization, CEOs need to perform more than just building an innovative team and run the entire business. Their jobs are fundamentally different from other senior leadership roles. Read more such insights and the detailed coverage here. For more information, please visit

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