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Indxx 5G & NextG Thematic Index Licensed by First Trust for Exchange Traded Fund

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is pleased to announce the Indxx
5G & NextG Thematic Index
(the “Index”) has been licensed to
US-based ETF provider First
Trust Advisors
as the underlying benchmark for the First Trust Indxx
NextG ETF (NASDAQ:NXTG), which began trading today.

The Index (ticker:INXTG) is designed to track the performance of
companies that are at the core of the research and development of the
new 5G cellular technology and next generation technologies as they
emerge. The Index seeks to include only companies that have devoted
material resources or made material commitments to the use of 5G
technology. 5G is the next (fifth) generation of cellular technology,
which promises to greatly enhance the speed, coverage and responsiveness
of wireless networks.

“Indxx is excited to have developed one of the world’s first indices to
provide exposure to the 5G space,” said Rahul Sen Sharma, Managing
Partner at Indxx. “Many experts believe that 5G has the potential to be
a revolutionary development across sectors and industries on a global
scale. Our index research and development team is proud to have built an
index that effectively targets it via a disciplined and transparent,
rules-based approach.”

According to Ryan Issakainen, CFA, ETF Strategist and Senior Vice
President at First Trust: “In our view, 5G cellular technology is an
important innovation with the potential to reshape the way that wireless
networks are utilized. We believe this ETF provides exposure to many of
the companies that will lead the way as 5G networks are introduced
across the globe.”

About Indxx

Founded in 2005, Indxx endeavors to deliver innovative and custom
indexing and calculation solutions to the investment management
community at large.

Indxx and products tracking our indices have been nominated for and
received numerous awards, including most recently ‘Most Innovative ETF
Index Provider’ for the Americas at the 14th Annual Global ETF Awards in
July 2018.

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