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InfiniteIO Joins Western Digital’s Technology Alliance Partner Program to Simplify and Accelerate Hybrid Cloud Storage at Enterprise Scale

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the leader in making hybrid cloud storage simple and fast, today
announced that it is joining Western Digital’s Technology Alliance
Partner Program to offer enterprise customers a compatible hybrid-cloud
file metadata management solution with Western Digital’s ActiveScale™
object storage system

When combined together, the validated InfiniteIO
with Western Digital ActiveScale helps customers and
partners improve hybrid-cloud storage performance and utilization at
scale, with minimal impact to existing user workflows. Organizations can
use InfiniteIO to easily identify and intelligently migrate petabytes of
inactive data from on-premises NAS systems to large-scale hybrid clouds
based on the ActiveScale cloud object storage system, saving millions of
dollars in storage costs. In the process, users can also improve the
performance and extend the lifecycle of existing NAS systems by
offloading metadata management to InfiniteIO.

InfiniteIO’s unique approach to real-time analytics and metadata
management makes hybrid cloud storage simple and fast by ensuring
information flows to the people and applications that need it the most.
InfiniteIO responds to file
, which can comprise up to 90 percent of all storage
requests, directly from the network, to immediately improve performance
for existing on-premises, private cloud or public cloud storage.
Simultaneously, InfiniteIO automatically moves inactive or cold files to
anywhere in the hybrid
to maximize cost savings and extend investments in private
cloud storage.

Working with Western Digital and InfiniteIO, customers and reseller
partners can experience dramatic performance gains and greater capacity
in primary storage and cost-effective utilization of enterprise-class
cloud storage, without making changes to existing enterprise users,
applications or storage systems. InfiniteIO slashes storage costs by up
to 80 percent and increases performance by up to 50 times compared to
legacy storage, while enabling customers to seamlessly tier inactive, or
cold data, to ActiveScale private-cloud storage at enterprise scale.

“ActiveScale’s cloud object storage system helps organizations respond
to unprecedented, unstructured data growth with a cost-effective,
scalable solution,” said Mark Cree, CEO of InfiniteIO. “InfiniteIO takes
ActiveScale environments even further by increasing the value of nearly
limitless private cloud capacity, improving application performance and
speeding the adoption of hybrid cloud, all without disrupting their
customers’ workflows.”

“InfiniteIO and ActiveScale together address the challenges of
exponential data growth and enterprise cloud management by delivering a
highly-scalable private cloud storage system at the fraction of the cost
of tier-one storage,” said Stefaan Vervaet, senior director of Solutions
& Alliances, Western Digital’s Data Center Systems business unit.
“InfiniteIO simplifies hybrid cloud management by ensuring that all
files, no matter how frequently accessed, are transparently available to
end users, while helping to control storage costs and reign in rapid
data growth.”

Live Webinar: InfiniteIO and Western Digital Reveal the Secrets of
Hybrid Cloud Storage.
 Join this live
on June 13 at 9am
 with product experts from Western Digital and InfiniteIO to
learn how to optimize storage performance and cost savings with minimal
changes to existing users, apps or storage.

Additional information: Western Digital and InfiniteIO Solution

About InfiniteIO

InfiniteIO makes hybrid cloud storage simple and fast, ensuring
information flows to people and applications that need it most, without
disruption. Based in Austin, Texas, InfiniteIO provides real-time
insights to analyze, optimize and scale capacity and performance
throughout the hybrid cloud for global enterprises, research
organizations and media companies. InfiniteIO offers customers and
partners the fastest way to implement a hybrid cloud strategy and
maximize the value of cloud storage. Learn more at
or follow the company on Twitter @infiniteio
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