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Infiniti’s Competitive Intelligence Engagement Helps an IT Services Provider to Reduce Operational Costs by 13% | Request a Complimentary Proposal for Customized Competitive Research

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Infiniti Research, a leading market intelligence solutions provider, has recently announced the completion of its latest success story on competitive intelligence solution for an IT services provider. This success story highlights how our competitive intelligence solution helped a company in the IT services industry to meet their immediate priorities and attain faster time to market. In addition, this article explains how the client was able to outpace their competitors and enhance market share by 22%.

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Engagement Overview:

Our client, an IT services provider, encountered a steady decline in profit margins for two consecutive years. In addition, they faced immense competition from local players in Germany. In order to enhance their market share, they wanted to gauge their competitors’ strategies and understand their business models. In addition, the client wanted to understand how their company measured up against the top IT services companies in Germany. As such, they approached the experts at Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering competitive intelligence solution.

Objective 1: Identify technologies and processes leveraged by their competitors to tackle security threats in the industry

Objective 2: Find the right business partners to outsource their projects at times of immediate requirements

Objective 3: Identify how the top IT services providers implemented regulated privacy protection and ensured the safety of their user-data

Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solution helps IT companies stay agile and create differential go-forward strategies through in-depth competitor research and analysis. Request a complimentary proposal to leverage our competitive intelligence solution.

Our Approach:

Our experts conducted a competitive intelligence study of the German IT services industry. In the initial phase of the engagement, the experts conducted company profiling and analysis, where they analyzed the client’s top ten competitors. The factors such as their current market position, end-users, and profit margins were analyzed. In the second phase, our experts conducted a risk assessment study of the German IT services industry, where they analyzed the operational and security risks facing companies in the German IT services industry. By analyzing risks in advance, the client was able to take risk management approaches to tackle them.

The next phase involved a competitive benchmarking study, where the experts compared the client’s service offerings with that of their competitors. This phase of the engagement helped the client to understand their strengths and weaknesses in comparison to their competitors. Additionally, the client was able to identify areas where their competitors were doing well and struggling.

Business impact of the competitive intelligence solution for the IT services provider:

The insights obtained from the competitive intelligence engagement helped the client to understand the competitive landscape in the German IT services industry. Also, they were able to identify technologies and processes leveraged by their competitors to tackle security and operational risks in the industry. Our experts also helped the client to identify the top IT outsourcing companies to help them at the time of immediate requirements.

By partnering with Infiniti Research, the client was also able to:

  • Implement an AI-based protection system to secure the company from new security threats
  • Implement regulated privacy protection to protect user data and information
  • Meet their immediate priorities and attain faster time to market
  • Reduce operational cost by 13% and enhance market share by 22%

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