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Info Tech® Announces Info Tech Ventures Program to Support Area Startups

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Info Tech®, Inc., a leader in infrastructure construction software solutions and expert statistical and econometric consulting services, announced today the pilot launch of Info Tech Ventures, a program to support local tech startups by sharing access to the unprecedented talent of its employees.

The business community in Gainesville, Fla., where Info Tech is headquartered, is home to several hundred startups. Info Tech Ventures provides a unique opportunity for startups to have access to the company’s greatest resource and center of its success: its employees. Eligible tech startups will be able to work with seasoned experts in all facets of software development, business and data analysis, ultimately supporting startups from product development to product launch.

“Info Tech Ventures is the investment arm of Info Tech, providing early stage investment in the form of employee talent to support the development of software for Gainesville-born technology startups,” Tom Rothrock, Info Tech Founder and Co-CEO, said. “This program will operate independently from our Systems and Consulting businesses, focusing on making a positive, unique impact that supports the development of software and technology for any industry.”

Info Tech Ventures offers immersive competency development for the company’s employee participants. When returning from a venture sabbatical, employees will serve as internal mentors to their team, further broadening the entrepreneurial mindset within Info Tech. Participating employees will remain on Info Tech’s payroll with full benefits for the duration of his or her venture sabbatical.

“We could send employees to elite universities and pay top dollar for additional degrees or we could let our people help run a startup across the street to gain real, practical experience all while helping another company in our community,” Tara Blythe, Info Tech Vice President of Talent, Strategy and Communication, said. “Info Tech Ventures is philanthropic and talent development related at its core, but we also know there is a return for Info Tech and negotiations will look different for each company.”

LeaderLync, a startup founded in the Santa Fe College Business Incubation Program, was selected as the first company to pilot Info Tech Ventures. Founded by Anita Anantharam, LeaderLync helps students redefine leadership as a quantifiable factor that can be developed, improved and identified by tracking key activities through an app.

“LeaderLync is grateful for the opportunity to participate in Info Tech Ventures and welcomes UX/UI designer Brandon Blair to our team for three months,” Anantharam said. “This program is extremely unique and we are fortunate to gain skills from an expert like Brandon to help us in an area where we did not have the resources. This partnership will help us grow faster, smarter and more efficiently, and I believe Brandon will also gain new skills to help him grow when he returns to his role at Info Tech.”

Info Tech’s leadership team is motivated to support local startups that align with the company’s core values. Startups interested in participating are invited to contact Info Tech Vice President of Operations and Chief Legal Officer Amber McClave at 352-381-4400.

“Forty years ago, my business partner Dr. Jim McClave and I left our positions at the University of Florida to become one of the first tech startups in the Gainesville community,” Rothrock said. “We did so at a time when there were very few resources in place to give us the essential support and guidance we desperately needed. We were fortunate to be successful in our efforts, and it’s a true honor to be able to start a program like this in our community.”

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