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Info Tech® Announces LEED Gold Certification at Gainesville, Fla., Facility

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Info Tech®, Inc., a leader in infrastructure construction
software solutions and provider of expert litigation consulting
services, announced today it has been awarded LEED® Gold for
its recently-constructed headquarters as established by the U.S. Green
Building Council. This certification underlines Info Tech’s ongoing
commitment to embracing environmental, economic and community

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most
widely used green building rating system in the world, with Gold as
their second highest certification. Info Tech is the first private
company in Gainesville to be awarded LEED Gold, joining only the
University of Florida and City of Gainesville in this category.

“Sustainability was top of mind when we built our first-owned building,
so we are honored to receive Gold certification from the U.S. Green
Building Council,” Amber McClave, Info Tech vice president of operations
and chief legal officer, said. “We put a lot of effort into designing
and building a green facility, and we’re proud to see that reflected as
the only non-UF or City of Gainesville Gold project in our community.”

Info Tech’s LEED Gold certification was based on a number of green
design, construction and operational features. Key features include:

Solar Power

A solar installation on the facility’s roof produces an estimated 20
percent of the building’s electricity from sunlight without producing
air pollution and hazardous waste. In 2018, the installation produced
146.24 MWh – the equivalent of 227,014 pounds of CO2
emissions saved or 5,718 trees planted.

Green Roof

The 2,400-square foot green roof is constructed with a highly reflective
material that minimizes the microclimate impact on surrounding life.
Native, drought-tolerant plant species on the roof terrace are an
example of the innovation LEED considers when rating a building.

Green Transportation

Parking areas encourage green commutes by providing reserved parking for
hybrids and electric vehicles and ample bicycle storage. Plus, in a
development with planned Bus Rapid Transit, Info Tech is less than one
mile from a RTS public transportation bus station.

Pleasant Views

Indoor environmental quality is part of the LEED assessment and 93
percent of Info Tech employees have access to outside views from their
desks with 79 percent also experiencing natural daylight.

Water Conservation

Use of low-flow fixtures reduces impact on the municipal water supply
and wastewater by reducing usage by 35 percent compared to the baseline

Florida Landscaping

Landscaping in and around the facility was designed with
drought-tolerant plants to reduce the need for irrigation. Now that
plants are established, they rely on precipitation to survive.

“LEED-certified buildings save energy, water and resources, which
ultimately support better human health,” McClave said. “People are at
the core of everything we do – from our interactions with employees to
customers to the community – so receiving this award helps confirm we
are truly making an impact on people everywhere.”

About Info Tech, Inc.

Info Tech consists of two core businesses: Info Tech Systems and Info
Tech Consulting. Info Tech Systems develops software solutions for the
infrastructure construction industry to support paperless environments
and e-Construction initiatives. Info Tech Consulting provides expert
statistical and econometric litigation consulting services and support.
With a diverse workforce and collaborative, relaxed environment, Info
Tech is a Gainesville-born pioneer of innovation, committed to its
employees, customers and community. For more information, visit