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Info-Tech Research Group and SEAT Launch World’s First Sports and Entertainment Research and Advisory Service InfoSEAT

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Info-Tech Research Group, a leading IT research and advisory firm, and SEAT, a global “Community” offering a platform to further the sports and entertainment industry, has launched InfoSEAT.

InfoSEAT is the only service in the world that provides sports and entertainment focused technology and operations research and advisory to drive business innovation and build data-driven organizations. By combining Info-Tech’s in-depth research and advisory delivery experience developed over two decades with SEAT’s global and trusted community, InfoSEAT will help sports and entertainment organizations deliver positive fan experiences worldwide.

Based on conversations with more than 700 global technology and business leaders in sports and entertainment, InfoSEAT offers pragmatic research, frameworks, blueprints, benchmarks and analyst access, which leaders can immediately act on. In the post-pandemic world, sports and entertainment leaders are pivoting to build what is needed at the moment, and rapid implementations and tech stack evolutions are required to meet changing business objectives. InfoSEAT will help these leaders drive innovation through industry-specific and purpose built research including the following:

  • A clear and versatile technology framework that helps enhance fan experiences both online and offline;
  • Increased opportunities through research and collaboration to reshape and expand revenue generation models in sports such as Sports Betting and eSports; and
  • Practical insights to common technology challenges such as managing cybersecurity, implementing new technologies, and unlocking big-data insights.

Through joint industry conferences and research-informed strategies, InfoSEAT will ultimately extend the essence of a global community, enabling sports and entertainment leaders everywhere to achieve ROI and positive fan experiences.

Supporting Quotes

  • Steve Reese, CIO, Phoenix Suns

    “The coming together of SEAT and Info-Tech Research is as significant as the merger of peanut butter and chocolate. Without a doubt, this union will become the de facto model of sports collaboration and in-depth research. Info-Seat truly blends the “best of the best” in the sports entertainment industry. The long held reputation of the SEAT sports collaboration platform and Info-Tech’s in-depth tools and resources will become a “must have” for every CIO in the industry.”
  • Sasha Puric, CTO, Philadelphia 76ers

    “As a member of the SEAT community and a client of Info-Tech, I have relied on these platforms to support me and my team in our efforts to advance technology and business solutions in the sports and entertainment sector. SEAT, a robust community of innovative sports IT professionals, provides a network for sharing best practices and collaboration amongst peers. Info-Tech offers resources including research materials, templates, workshops and other tools for industry leaders to implement. Their complimentary assets and services are the genesis of a successful partnership in InfoSEAT, which will deliver even greater value, efficiency, and effectiveness for IT professionals globally.”
  • Christine Stoffel, Founder & CEO, SEAT

    “I’m thrilled about this new partnership between SEAT and InfoTech. This is the kind of collaboration that I have been dreaming of for the SEAT Community for years. With the co-creation of InfoSEAT, the only dedicated offering in the world that provides access to in-depth IT research and actionable best practice frameworks for the sports and entertainment industry, we will enable technology and business leaders across the global SEAT Community and beyond to focus on business goals and drive innovation. This partnership will be a cornerstone to continue uniting the global sports and entertainment community together by sharing business challenges, accessing deep research as well as data and information; enabling technology leaders to focus on strategy and leadership. Through the culmination of 16 years of collaborating at SEAT conferences, InfoSEAT will be the glue moving forward to bring the wealth of knowledge and in-depth and relevant insights to the global sports and entertainment industry.”
  • Joel McLean, Founder & Chairperson, Info-Tech Research Group

    “Having built a global community founded on the principle of sharing ideas to help sports and entertainment businesses, SEAT is the ideal partner that can extend our research and advisory to help clients in this space revolutionize fan experiences. Also, we’re now able to help even more global businesses with the unique capabilities that this ecosystem can deliver.”

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About Info-Tech Research Group

Info-Tech Research Group is a leading, full-service IT research, advisory, and analyst firm, serving 40,000+ business leaders and professionals. With offices in Canada, U.S. and Australia, Info-Tech Research Group offers pragmatic analyst insights and actionable tools to IT departments in world-class organizations such as NASA, New Balance, Spotify and the United Nations. Info-Tech Research Group’s divisions include McLean & Company, SoftwareReviews, and my Policies.

About SEAT, Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology

SEAT is an exclusive industry community dedicated to be the best forum for global like-minded professionals and executives in the sports & entertainment industry as the ONLY Peer-Driven Industry Consortium in the World. Founder & CEO since 2006 is Christine Stoffel-Moffett. To learn more, visit the Global SEAT Community.