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Info-Tech Research Group Announces Exceptional Start to Member Acquisition in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ)

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Info-Tech Research Group, which launched operations in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) in early 2019 with a new office opening in Sydney, has announced an exceptional start, with the launch of multiple client engagements and new member acquisitions in the region.

Already serving more than 100 members in ANZ, Info-Tech Research Group is further solidifying its regional focus with a strong local presence, designed to cater to a mix of medium-sized and large enterprises. Some of Info-Tech Research Group’s ANZ members include Flight Centre Travel Group, Inchcape, Ports of Auckland and Toyota.

Info-Tech Research Group is a fast-growing information technology research and advisory company, serving more than 30,000 IT professionals all over the world. With the launch of operations in ANZ, Info-Tech Research Group is now able to provide incisive insights that will help CIOs and IT leaders in ANZ to drive measurable results in the areas of IT strategy, data analytics, and network and communication infrastructure.

In particular, Info-Tech Research Group’s unique offerings such as IT Workshops have proven successful in the ANZ region. The Workshops are an innovative approach to IT consulting, designed to help solve pressing IT problems and complete key initiatives over the course of just five working days. Workshops help organizations work through critical project deliverables using Info-Tech Research Group’s research analysts and experts. This learning-based approach has appealed to the inherently pragmatic, problem-solving approach adopted widely by many CIOs across the ANZ region.

Speaking about the benefits of Info-Tech Research Group’s approach, Stuart Jacobs, general manager, information systems, Inchcape Australia, said, “Quite simply, Info-Tech Research Group has helped me change the quality of the conversation about the role of IT with my internal stakeholders. We have been impressed with the team’s pragmatic research, quality of insights and high-value engagement. Among other things, Info-Tech Research Group has helped us formalise our IT strategy, streamline our IT processes and make critical decisions.”

Speaking of the launch and success stories, Chris Fell, vice president, and country head, Info-Tech Research Group, ANZ, said, “We recognise how important the IT function and the CIO are in helping the CEO digitally transform the business. We focus our advice on how to make this happen on a day-to-day basis. Our diagnostics, best-practice blueprints, toolkits and workshops use real data to systematically improve the IT function. We work with clients on their ‘3 Ps’, namely managing and improving their core IT processes, a focus on fast and effective completion of their IT projects, and training and development of their IT people. Building out Info-Tech Research Group’s local ANZ presence has been progressing really well. We’ve been lucky to hire some top regional talent and the new team is engaging really well with our existing and new clients. It’s a hugely exciting time.”

Stuart Jacobs added, “In addition to the global benchmarking and research expertise that I have relied on for more than five years now, we are thrilled to have access to a local team of experts and research analysts. Given my experience with Info-Tech Research Group, I know Chris and team will get it right to serve the unique and emerging needs of the Australian IT market.”

Starting with a team of ten people, Info-Tech Research Group plans to double the ANZ team of analysts and researchers by 2020.

About Info-Tech Research Group

Info-Tech Research Group is one of the fastest growing full-service research and analyst firms in North America, serving more than 30,000 IT and HR professionals. With offices in Canada, U.S. and Australia, Info-Tech Research Group has grown quickly and offers pragmatic analyst insights and actionable tools to IT departments from world-class organizations such as NASA, New Balance, Spotify and the United Nations. Info-Tech Research Group’s divisions include McLean & Company and SoftwareReviews.