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Inkscreen Global Channel Partner Program Fuels New Revenue Streams with Secure, Compliance-Enabling Mobile Content Capture of Images, Multi-Media

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Inkscreen, emerging leader in secure capture and control of enterprise images, documents, and multimedia content, today expanded its Global Channel Partner Program. Inkscreen’s game-changing CAPTOR app lets resellers provide organizations with unprecedented control over sensitive images and multi-media content – an important new concern both for regulatory compliance and intellectual property protections.

Inkscreen’s channel program was created to drive immediate and long-term frictionless growth for its reseller partners. Key features of the program include:

  • Aggressive reseller margins and sales support;
  • Free trials and incentives, with proven strong growth potential;
  • Frictionless ramp-up: reseller partners are typically up and running in under a week, and with zero network configuration required, customer installs are easy and rapid;
  • Strong alignment with MobileIron and BlackBerry partner programs (Inkscreen is an active partner of these and other programs);
  • Training for basic front-line support, and Inkscreen-provided technical support as needed;
  • Profitable partnerships, better customer outcomes and new “stickiness”: partners can offer new and urgently needed privacy, security and governance wherever the potential for BYOD capture of corporate content (photos, pdfs, multimedia) is part of the customer’s environment.

“For the last 7 years, CAPTOR has been the solution of choice for mobile content security and governance in highly-regulated industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, government and legal,” said Josh Bohls, CEO and Founder, Inkscreen. “In C-suites, compliance and IT departments, there’s new concern about the potential security problems and regulatory liabilities posed by the now-routine staff use of mobile devices for routine business processes such as document scanning and the capture of photos, video and audio.”

“CAPTOR by Inkscreen is the perfect addition to our customers’ mobile ecosystem! The photo container has strong functionalities and ensures the separation of business and private images and other data,” said Michael Lang, CEO, milanconsult GmbH. “Adding the product to our portfolio was a very good decision, and the cooperation with Inkscreen has been excellent!”

CAPTOR is built to be deployed and managed by an enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform. There are versions of CAPTOR available for MobileIron, BlackBerry UEM, VMware WorkSpace ONE (AirWatch), Microsoft InTune, and many more.

Inkscreen’s Global Channel Partner Program is open to resellers around the world, and is well suited both to resellers with regional practices and/or resellers with sector-specific focus. Specifically, Inkscreen is seeking new partners in the UK, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, northern Germany, South and Central America, Canada, and the USA. All current partners sell, service, and support enterprise mobility platforms such as MobileIron, BlackBerry, VMware AirWatch Workspace ONE, or Microsoft InTune, and are looking for additional proven productivity solutions to offer their customers.

CAPTOR lets resellers assure customer compliance with complex regulatory guidelines with features including secure capture, encrypted storage, secure content exchange, digital watermarks, and its automated notification system for potential compliance violations. It also provides unique protections for organizations governed by evolving regional security and privacy regulations, such as those potentially affected by the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR).

“CAPTOR is a key component of content governance and security across diverse sectors such as insurance, legal, government, defense, finance, healthcare, manufacturing and product development/innovation environments. It’s heralded for protecting organizational regulatory compliance status, intellectual property and consumer data, and has become a major added-value offering for our resellers,” Bohls said. “We’re actively growing and supporting our reseller community.”

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