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Inkscreen’s New CAPTOR™ for BlackBerry Android App Provides Industry’s Most Secure Mobile Camera for Android Devices

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Inkscreen, experts in secure content capture for enterprise and government customers, today announced the general availability of the CAPTOR™ for BlackBerry Android app, leveraging the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK to offer the industry’s most secure mobile camera and document app for Android devices. Android is the world’s dominant mobile operating system, with an 86% market share according to IDC. Together with Inkscreen’s popular iOS app, organizations using BlackBerry UEM can now deploy CAPTOR for all employees, regardless of device preference, to secure the capture of photos, multi-media and other business content on their mobile devices.

Inkscreen’s new Android app is the latest iteration of the industry’s leading secure content capture solution trusted by organizations around the world to enable employees to manage and govern sensitive images, scan and protect documents, and record audio and video. CAPTOR solves the fundamental problem of separating personal and business multi-media content for BYOD and COPE deployments, and is especially geared towards today’s WFH environments, where remote employees rely more frequently on their personal mobile devices to conduct business.

According to Alex Willis, BlackBerry Vice President, Sales Engineering and ISV Partners, “The addition of CAPTOR for BlackBerry Dynamics on Android allows BlackBerry UEM users the flexibility to use CAPTOR on the mobile device of choice, whether Android or iOS. Inkscreen is an important partner in our commitment to help customers ensure the integrity, security, privacy and appropriate management of their proprietary data captured on employees’ mobile devices.”

The availability of Inkscreen’s new Android version of CAPTOR for BlackBerry, together with its existing support for iOS, enables organizations to standardize the mobile “capture point” for photos, document scanning, video and audio. This capability is especially critical when businesses require the captured content to be copied from the employee’s mobile device to a file repository or content server, such as a law firm’s case management system, or placed into a workflow such as an insurance claims process.

First to integrate BlackBerry Docs Service

CAPTOR is also the first managed camera app to integrate the BlackBerry Docs Service for secure content backups to Microsoft SharePoint, FileShare, and employee Box accounts. The BlackBerry Docs Service routes all data traffic through the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Server (BEMS) to ensure data in transit is fully protected at all times.

The combined solution offers an incredibly simple experience for employees to set up and use, and results in CAPTOR content (photos, videos, audio recordings, and scanned documents) to be instantly available from their secure BlackBerry Work email app. CAPTOR, combined with the BlackBerry Docs Service, checks all the boxes of IT data security, content management, and employee productivity.

According to Josh Bohls, CEO, Inkscreen: “Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, and we’re excited to provide BlackBerry UEM customers with the same security, manageability and ease of use that we’ve delivered with our popular iOS app. Inkscreen is deeply committed to its partnership with BlackBerry and will continue to enhance CAPTOR’s capabilities to provide the data protection, integration and user flexibility that BlackBerry customers expect.”


CAPTOR™ was first introduced in 2014 to enable the secure capture and management of sensitive, business-related content from employees’ mobile devices. CAPTOR combines the functionality of a camera, audio recorder, document scanner, QR Code reader and photo/document annotator, all in one managed app.

CAPTOR is deployed in a wide range of enterprise and government environments, and is particularly suited for regulated industries, as it supports a wide range of policies and controls to protect sensitive corporate data. Customers include insurance adjustors documenting property damage for a claim; healthcare professionals scanning identification documents or insurance forms; police officers collecting crime scene evidence; lawyers scanning documents for a case file or recording audio or video depositions; and government auditors documenting subjects of investigations.

The new Android version of CAPTOR for BlackBerry is available now and can be accessed through the BlackBerry Marketplace: where you can request a trial and learn more.

About Inkscreen

Inkscreen was founded in 2012 to provide enterprise-ready mobile applications to manage and control sensitive content captured on mobile devices. Company founders have extensive backgrounds in enterprise mobility, Fortune 500 IT consulting, and ERP software. For more information, please visit: