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Innomar Strategies Adds Chronically Simple App to its Portfolio of Digital Solutions

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Innomar Strategies (Innomar), Canada’s leading specialty pharmaceuticals
service provider and a part of AmerisourceBergen, today announced the
addition of Chronically Simple, a secure web-based service and
mobile application that is designed to meet the complex needs of
patients with chronic illnesses and ongoing health challenges, to its
portfolio of digital solutions. Chronically Simple will add to
Innomar’s robust digital offerings that enhance the patient journey and
simplify their experience.

Chronically Simple is a healthcare app, designed to help patients
manage their appointments, their interactions with healthcare providers
and all the administration that comes along their patient journey as
they manage their chronic disease. Innomar’s acquisition of Chronically
is part of the company’s continued focus on offering simple
and streamlined solutions that empower patients and care teams and build
connections in healthcare.

Kristy Dickinson founded Chronically Simple after being diagnosed
with a chronic illness. Through her experience as a mother and a patient
navigating the healthcare system, she felt there was a gap and this app
was developed to meet that gap. “After being diagnosed with a chronic
illness, my life changed instantly. I was overwhelmed by all the
paperwork, keeping track of appointments and staying in contact with my
healthcare providers. There was a period in my life where I had binders
of medical information that I took to every appointment. I knew there
had to be a better way, so I set out to create an app to help me manage
my healthcare so that I could be there for my family. Now, as a part of
Innomar, Chronically Simple will be able to evolve and scale to
support more patients as they manage their individual journeys,” said

Chronically Simple allows patients to keep their medical
information at their fingertips and share it with appropriate care team
members. The app eases the administrative burden of chronic illness,
streamlining the organization of and secure access to a patient’s
medical records, diagnostic images and test results while also offering
helpful features such as appointment reminders, “day-at-a-glance”
calendars, and the ability to link healthcare provider details with
associated check-ups or prescriptions. Chronically Simple also
includes medication and health-related expense trackers, which can be
critical for tax purposes.

“At Innomar, we believe in patient-centric healthcare, and Chronically
puts the power in the hands of the patient,” said Guy
Payette, President of Innomar. “We are committed to investing in
innovative digital tools that help optimize outcomes, and Chronically
does just that through an easy-to-use mobile interface. We
look forward to launching Chronically Simple as part of our
AvidityHealth solutions. AvidityHealth is an innovation connector, with
a suite of solutions that make it easier for physicians to interact with
patient support programs, provide efficiencies for payers, engage
patients through digital tools and use data analytics to support timely
patient access to medication.”

Patients can subscribe to “Chronically Simple” services online
( or by downloading the application through the
App Store or Google Play. For more information about Innomar, please

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