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innovate5G Inc. Launches in5Genius Platform Connecting Application Developers to 5G Testing Ecosystem

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innovate5G Inc., the 5G applications assurance company, validates applications and products for 5th generation wireless environments. Today they announced the public availability of the in5Genius testing platform. in5Genius provides developer access to a 5G network through the cloud for application testing and certification, allowing for a new level of access and flexibility. The in5Genius platform provides secure and cost-effective testing capabilities within an open and pressure-free environment.

With 5G creating exciting new opportunities across all industries, innovate5G recognized the need for developer access to testing resources in order to cost-effectively and rapidly deploy their applications. in5Genius provides application-specific network performance data through measured and reported metrics, including sustained and observed throughput, latency and jitter, connections established, performance on network impairment, reliability and availability over the network, experience, and streaming quality.

A frequent challenge facing application developers is continuous access to an environment that assures capabilities at launch and supports their journey to improve their applications continuously. in5Genius offers a one-stop-shop testing solution by incorporating testing for multiple application versions on its 5G test platform. innovate5G also leverages multiple test cycles on the same version and provides upgrade assurance for deployment back to the network.

innovate5G CEO, Chris Stark said, “in5Genius is a huge step in democratizing 5G access for emerging application developers and non-traditional players. We’re excited that innovate5G can be at the forefront in creating game-changing solutions to cost-effective and accessible testing platforms. We’ve received great feedback from clients in a variety of industries who’ve used our platform and we’re eager for more organizations to test out offerings and see how in5Genius can truly support and transform their deployment process.”

in5Genius has already facilitated application testing for the health and wellness and IoT industries, and its capabilities span additional sectors, including entertainment, transportation, business, government, and more. innovate5G enjoys a variety of partnerships within the industry with companies such as Cigniti and has created a route to market for enterprise applications with MiCTA, among others.

About innovate5G

innovate5G enables application-centric private networks with a focus on the business outcome and helps clients optimize products for 5th generation wireless environments. Founded in 2019, innovate5G’s mission is to open up the 5G ecosystem beyond traditional players and eliminate barriers for developers to test their ideas and products. innovate5G operates a cloud-based platform that tests, certifies, and integrates 5G networks and applications.