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Innovative, Digital Mental Healthcare Platform, Snapclarity, Hires Canadian Industry Leader

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Snapclarity, Canada’s only preventative digital mental health platform, today announced the addition of one of the most influential leaders in this space. Karen Adams (Seward) becomes the Chief Commercial and Health Innovation Officer. Adams brings to the rapidly expanding company experience with driving growth, combined with a focus on supporting preventative and evidence-based healthcare for employers, employees and consumers. Adams previously led Shepell fgi (Morneau Shepell) to market leadership, where she accelerated emerging revenues from $20M to $150M.

“Karen brings deep expertise in mental health and wellness and an understanding of how to scale a rapidly growing company that’s disrupting a market. Karen has driven the evolution of healthcare through innovation for more than 20 years and we’re very fortunate to have someone of her caliber leading our commercial team. She is passionate about our vision and will be critical in making change possible during this time of accelerated growth,” says Snapclarity co-founder and CEO Terri Storey.

Snapclarity’s digital platform fundamentally transforms how employers approach their mental health benefit offering and the impact they can have on employee resilience and productivity.

Says Adams, “Over the years, I have advocated for support tools to build resiliency and Snapclarity has developed an approach to mental health that does not exist in the market. Its patent-pending product addresses the spectrum of care and builds resilience through risk assessment, appropriate navigation and therapy for those who require it. I believe all employers need access to these types of tools to truly begin to address mental health from a prevention and intervention perspective.”

The Snapclarity team will receive one of Ottawa’s most prestigious awards at the Best of Business gala on November 22nd, 2019.

About Snapclarity

Snapclarity Inc. is the leading digital, on-demand mental healthcare platform dedicated to creating a connected care experience that puts accessible, preventative mental health support in the hands of Canadians. Snapclarity supports those who need it most with easy identification of risk factors, early intervention, evidence-based treatment plans, and outcome-driven results.

Karen Adams will be available for on-site interviews at the HR Leaders Summit in Toronto on November 12th and 13th.