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INRY Helps a Manufacturing and High-Tech Leader Drive Job Satisfaction with the Employee Recognition Management Solution

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A leading North American manufacturer and high-tech firm has chosen INRY’s Employee Recognition Management (ERM) solution to enhance employee job satisfaction and drive cultural transformation. As part of the 3-year agreement, the company’s 100,000 employees will leverage the ERM solution to recognize and reward operational excellence.

Peer-to-peer rewards and recognitions are a growing employee engagement strategy, particularly for a generation of employees raised with social media interaction. Most HR teams and managers know that timely, relevant, and personalized recognition of exceptional performance encourages employees to excel in their work.

Built atop ServiceNow, INRY’s Employee Recognition Management application delivers rich social features in a way that is enterprise-friendly and secure. The app helps organizations build a more engaging and rewarding culture that raises employee morale, reduces work stress, and encourages healthy competition between peers and teams. By fostering a culture of appreciation and positive reinforcement, organizations can improve employee engagement and promote long-term success.

INRY Chief Revenue Officer JD Sillion noted that “Winning this deal marks an important milestone for INRY. It validates our leadership in the ServiceNow HRSD ecosystem and our strategy of complementing exceptional delivery services with market-leading ServiceNow apps. INRY’s Employee Recognition Management application helps organizations shift the focus of their employee recognition strategy from transactions to employee interactions for greater impact.” This latest ERM solution sale followed INRY’s multi-faceted growth initiative that was launched earlier this year with the hiring of JD Sillion as CRO. Deals like this one are expected to fuel the growth that will result in the doubling of INRY’s delivery team by year’s end.

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About INRY

INRY is a leading ServiceNow partner with a long and successful history of delivering digital workflow automation. We work with corporate functions like human resources, IT, procurement, facilities, and business operations like customer-facing operations, sales, and marketing. We have developed a cloud-centric operating model because we believe cloud technologies require different services than legacy IT to maximize return on investment.