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Instrumentation Technology Systems Adds intoPIX TICO-XS to their Upcoming NetVIDxs Products

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intoPIX, leading provider of innovative compression technologies for the audio-visual market, is proud that Instrumentation Technology Systems, the market-leading supplier of HD-SDI video-data fusion products, adds intoPIX TICO-XS technology in their NetVIDxs products.

ITS partnered with IntoPIX to integrate the new JPEG XS standard into their product designs. The NetVIDxs line-up is a suite of SDI-to-Ethernet, Ethernet-to-SDI and Ethernet to PC video time-text-metadata equipment, transporting HD to 4K video in a cost-effective way over existing ethernet infrastructures.

NetVIDxs compresses source video in visually lossless quality at ratios ranging between 4:1 and 20:1 to dynamically fit the infrastructure capability. End-to-end latency remains below an imperceptible latency on optimally configured networks, while the transport format is compliant with the new SMPTE 2110 Standard RTP streams. This standard integrates JPEG XS encoding, PTP timing, AES audio and KLV metadata in its transport scheme and ensures interoperability with a wide range of workflow equipment.

“Thanks to the intoPIX JPEG XS FPGA cores, our NetVIDxs products offer visually lossless compression and super low latency” says Paul Hightower, President and CEO of ITS. “The benefits of JPEG XS are so great, that ITS wanted to develop equipment that takes in “SDI” and enhances it with overlay, frame-to-frame accurate timestamps, programmable KLV metadata and moves that to IP-based connectivity.

JPEG XS uses a Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) technology that offers very high image quality, avoids the traditional MPEG blocking artifacts, and exhibits human-eye-friendly effects on images as the compression ratio increases.” explains Jean-Baptiste Lorent, Director, Marketing & Sales at intoPIX.

About ITS

ITS is the market leading supplier of HD-SDI video-data fusion products. While bringing traditional text and graphics overlay and accurate timestamping capability to the HD-SDI science and engineering test market. The company has pioneered the use of KLV metadata to collect image relevant data in real time. With their tools, you can collect and organize data from a variety of sources, package them into KLV metadata payloads and insert them into live HD-SDI video frame-by-frame. Using its I-Observe® video recording instrument, you can capture video-data fused this way, play it back with overlay or download it to a PC for more analysis.

About intoPIX

intoPIX is a leading technology provider of innovative compression, image processing and security solutions. We deliver unique FPGA/ASIC IP cores and efficient software solution (on CPU & GPU) to manage more pixels, preserve quality with no latency, save cost & power and simplify connectivity. We are passionate about offering people a higher quality image experience. Our solutions enable the AV industry to build new bandwidth-efficient workflows, reducing power and operating costs in HD, 4K or even 8K.

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