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InSync Unveils Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMar) Application for EHR

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InSync Healthcare Solutions, a leading healthcare technology provider, released Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR), a new application integrated directly into the company’s leading cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) software to enable accurate, compliant medication administration across the care continuum.

Amid the nation’s opioid crisis and rise in other substance use disorders, behavioral health professionals and other providers are seeing greater numbers of patients who require medication assisted treatment (MAT)—a treatment modality that combines behavioral therapy and medications given at regular intervals—in addition to regular drug therapies. As the legal record of drugs administered to a patient is required, healthcare organizations rely on the eMAR as an important documentation tool for ensuring optimal care delivery and patient safety.

The InSync eMAR is equipped with sophisticated technology that enables close collaboration between care partners across the healthcare continuum and helps providers maintain compliance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ guidelines, which call for automatic tracking of medications from order to administration by using assistive technologies in conjunction with an eMAR.

“The healthcare industry is seeing an uptick in the challenges associated with advanced medication monitoring related to substance use disorders, and InSync identified an opportunity to improve workflows and make healthcare professionals’ lives easier,” said Roland Therriault, President of InSync Healthcare Solutions. “With eMAR, physicians and other healthcare professionals don’t have to worry about patients missing their medications during care transitions. The tool—which syncs directly with the InSync EHR—makes the sharing and transmission of data easy in order to support care collaboration and compliance.”

InSync eMAR features include color-coded visual cues, so clinicians can see which medications are overdue and/or vital to care plans, as well as real-time alerts. These features help optimize drug administration processes, to ensure clinicians do not overlook important elements of medication management—all in the context of the patient record. Because the tool is accessed through the practice’s EHR, healthcare providers do not have to log into a separate function to monitor, track and record medication-related activities.

The release of eMAR follows the hiring of Jose Dueñas as InSync Healthcare Solutions’ Director of Product in January. Dueñas brings a wealth of knowledge to the company—including more than a decade of dedicated experience in developing health IT and EHR solutions for physician practices and other ambulatory healthcare providers.

“We worked hard to make InSync eMAR robust and intuitive, envisioning multiple scenarios to ensure the tool addressed provider pain points,” said Dueñas. “What’s great about this solution is that it provides a visual dashboard, the integration between the medication and when it is due, and other key information, so clinicians do not have to navigate to different areas within the EHR or a separate platform. With InSync eMAR, providers have everything—all the compliance documentation, medication orders and other essential data—in one place.”

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