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InTeleLabs Announces the Launch of Online Telehealth Platform elicity, Offering Clinically Validated Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Testing for Consumers

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InTeleLabs®, a telehealth and personalized medicine company, has
launched its proprietary online telehealth platform, elicityTM.
elicity offers seamless laboratory testing which bridges the gap between
consumers, physicians, and clinical laboratories. The elicity platform
empowers patients and consumers with convenient online access
to at-home, clinically validated and medically actionable lab testing,
combined with on-demand physician support and guidance.

elicity’s initial offering includes a range of clinically validated PGx
tests available to consumers online. elicityPGx includes specific tests
for individuals on medication for pain management, mental health, and
cardiovascular health, as well as a comprehensive test, which provide a
wealth of genetic and non-genetic information. While elicityPGx tests
are purchased directly by consumers, board-certified physicians order
the test, review and interpret the results, and provide follow up to
help consumers better understand their personal genetic profile.

“Having meaningful physician involvement at the center of what we do is
a vital aspect of the elicity experience,” explains Erik Hennings, CEO
and Co-founder of InTeleLabs. “elicity expands on InTeleLabs’ existing
telehealth partnerships with clinical laboratories, to drive our
continued strategy of expanding access to affordable, clinically
validated lab testing.”

The physician consultation is an essential component of elicityPGx
testing, allowing consumers to ask questions and to understand their
results more precisely in relation to any ongoing treatments and
medications. The results and consultation may also provide insights and
information that consumers can discuss with their personal physician and
agree on any potential treatment changes.

Recent advances in pharmacogenetic science have shown that 95% of a
person’s response to a drug is determined by genetics.i This
means that two people can take the same dose of the same drug but
respond in very different ways. PGx testing is a type of genetic test
that assesses how likely someone is to respond effectively, or whether
they may be at risk for having a serious adverse reaction to certain
types of medication.

The arrival of cost-effective and accurate PGx testing provides a
valuable asset for clinicians to help them more precisely understand how
a patient might respond to certain medications. By aligning
prescriptions to an individual’s genetics, physicians can improve
quality of care, reduce cost, and minimize adverse reactions to
prescription medications – a serious issue in the U.S., killing more
than 100,000 people each year.ii

As part of a phased roll-out plan over the next 6 to 12 months,
InTeleLabs is looking to expand its portfolio of products through
strategic laboratory partnerships, and introduce additional clinically
validated tests, informative to people at all stages in their health

About InTeleLabs®:

InTeleLabs is a telehealth and personalized medicine company empowering
patients and consumers with online access to at-home, medical quality,
clinically validated lab testing, through a national network of
experienced, board certified physicians and CLIA-certified clinical
laboratories. With a national network of experienced, board certified
physicians, patients and consumers can now initiate medically
appropriate lab testing from top, CLIA-certified specialty diagnostic
laboratory partners.

InTeleLabs also partners with CLIA-certified clinical laboratories
looking to leverage a network of board certified physicians to expand
their consumer outreach in compliance with regulatory requirements. For
more information, visit

About elicity™:

elicity is InTeleLabs’ online platform and gateway to seamless, secure,
at-home lab testing and expert physician interpretation of lab results.
elicity gives patients and consumers the power to initiate a test,
access board certified physicians, and makes it easier than ever before
for them to access the information needed to take control of their

elicity has launched a range of clinically validated pharmacogenetic
(PGx) tests, giving consumers access to accurate, medical-grade, at-home
PGx testing. By more carefully aligning a prescription to the patient,
physicians can improve quality of care, reduce cost, and potentially
minimize adverse reactions to prescription medications. PGx testing is
an important tool in personalized medicine as it may provide additional
genetic information about how that person might respond to a medication,
or whether they are at risk of having an adverse reaction to a certain
type of medication. For more information, visit

i Kalow W, Tang BK, Endrenyi L. Hypothesis: comparisons of
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