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Inteliquet Signs Cooperative R&D Agreement (CRADA) with the National Cancer Institute

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Inteliquet, a leading provider of intelligent technology, insights and
services for clinical trials, research, and translational medicine is
pleased to announce that it has entered into a Cooperative Research and
Development Agreement (CRADA) with the U.S. Department of Health and
Human Services, as represented by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).
The principal goal of this research agreement is to develop a
clinic-ready, web-based tool, using NCI’s Oncogenomics browser
with Inteliquet’s proprietary Precision Medicine Platform to aid
clinicians in therapeutic decision-making.

“This CRADA will combine the scientific and software-based data
automation expertise of the NCI and Inteliquet, respectively, to develop
a bioinformatics platform that provides clinicians and scientists with
user-friendly access to data and analyses relating to genetic mutations
and treatment options,” said Carla Balch, CEO of Inteliquet.

One of the predominant fields of oncology research focuses on genetic
causes and treatments of cancer, and detailed integrated genomic
analyses of germline and tumor material has paved the way for precision
genome-guided medicine targeting actionable mutations. NCI has developed
a web-based tool to flag these actionable mutations, and through the
CRADA with Inteliquet, will leverage the latter’s Precision Medicine
Platform to address the need to rapidly integrate clinical and molecular
data, linking genetic variants to drugs, status of FDA approval and
clinical trials. The bioinformatics platform that is developed will take
genetic and genomic data as an input, process the actionable variants,
and present the findings to end-users in a user-friendly web browser
while capturing patients’ outcomes.

The Principal Investigators under the CRADA are Jeremy Miller, Ph.D.,
Chief Technology Officer at Inteliquet and Javed Khan, M.D., Deputy
Chief, Genetics Branch at the National Cancer Institute.

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