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Intelligence Node Releases Aggressive MAP Monitoring and Enforcement Solution to Fight Against Counterfeit and Brand Pricing Fraud

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Retail analytics and pricing intelligence leader, Intelligence
, announces the release of its MAP
Monitoring solution
that helps brands selling online track and
prevent violations of their Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policies. As
a result of market demand in the United States, clients of Intelligence
Node’s existing 360°Pricing™ have adopted the MAP solution to monitor
pricing violations, identify unauthorized sellers in the market, prevent
sale of counterfeit products and secure profit margins. MAP monitoring
is made easier with Intelligence Node’s database, providing real-time
market insights from its robust user database and ensuring resellers are
adhering to the proper brand pricing.

With Intelligence Node’s MAP Monitoring solution, a part of its Brand
Intelligence Suite, brands can track products instantly leveraging the
world’s largest, proprietary retail database. Unlike most scanning
algorithms, which refresh just once or twice per day, Intelligence
Node’s AI tracks products in real-time, round-the-clock, ensuring that
these products are being monitored during business operating hours
across the globe. If a MAP violation or excessive discounting by any
reseller, authorized or unauthorized, is observed, brands will receive a
report indicating who the offending reseller is, along with insight into
their violation as well as relevant pricing data, allowing brands to
take action as it’s happening.

“There is a serious need for brands to monitor resellers as reputations
and profits are at risk due to excessive discounting,” said Yasen
Dimitrov, chief operating officer, Intelligence Node. “When competing
resellers price below the allowed MAP, dynamic pricing algorithms, used
commonly by leading online retailers, perpetuate the effect resulting in
a drop in prices across the board and make it more difficult to identify
intra-day violations and counterfeit goods. Top marketplaces in the U.S.
have acknowledged the headache posed by this and have predicted serious
consequences if left unresolved. Our solution helps tackle these
challenges to ensure brand reputation and profitability are upheld to
the highest standards.”

Utilizing Intelligence Node’s Map Monitoring solution, brands and
manufacturers can leverage:

  • Uniform standards for a better brand image: Gain market
    visibility with easy, accurate MAP monitoring. Users can monitor
    resellers’ online pricing to ensure the margins and brand image stay
  • Timely alerts: Receive triggered alerts to promptly pinpoint
    which resellers are violating MAP pricing policies along with
    customized violation reports. In real time, customers have access to
    activity data on current retail promotions, competitive positioning,
    and suggestions for smart pricing and stock movement.
  • Efficient price monitoring: Search for similar and exact
    product matches faster to identify counterfeit products sold under the
    brand name.

A leading footwear brand whose products are sold on more than 700
multi-brand retailers, and through many unauthorized sellers online,
uses Intelligence Node’s MAP monitoring solution to track down pricing
violations across the globe for real-time margin protection and brand
safety. The client has been able to crack down on nearly 150
unauthorized sellers for pricing violations in just two months.

With this release, Intelligence Node intends to address the wide-spread
problems of over-discounting and counterfeit goods faced by brands
worldwide and help them take control in the fight against predatory
retail practices.

About Intelligence Node

Founded in 2012, Intelligence Node is a hyper-growth retail analytics
company that caters to retail clients globally. Its products help brands
and retailers optimize their pricing and merchandising operations using
real-time data to deliver actionable insights. Currently serving more
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category leaders like Tesco, Mobly, TATA, Landmark, Li&Fung, and Jockey.
Its AI-driven insights are powered by the world’s largest global retail
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