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Interface Masters Develops Industry-Leading Tahoe 8828 Network Appliance for Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications

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Interface Masters Technologies announces Tahoe 8828, an off-the-shelf artificial intelligence and machine learning powerhouse, which ‘rounds out’ Interface Masters family of ARM® and MIPs based network appliances.

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Tahoe 8828 Modular Networking Appliance Featuring DataSlammer™ and Nvidia® Advanced GPU Offload Processing (Graphic: Business Wire)

Tahoe 8828 Modular Networking Appliance Featuring DataSlammer™ and Nvidia® Advanced GPU Offload Processing (Graphic: Business Wire)

The modular appliance features a Marvell® OCTEON TX2® ARM64® multicore processor (18 to 24-cores at 2.4GHz) as a primary CPU, and supports a range of high-performance offload processing options, as well as a single configurable I/O module supporting a range (1G to 100G) port configurations.

Optional high-performance offload processing upgrades include Interface Masters’ proprietary Intel based DataSlammerTM technology or any of Nvidia’s advanced industry-leading graphic processing units (GPUs).

“Interface Masters is an OEM hardware solutions provider. Our new Tahoe 8828 is entirely designed and manufactured in the USA – our Hardware is NEVER compromised and always secure”, says Ben Askarinam. “DataSlammer technology is an excellent fit for data intensive applications such as artificial intelligence [AI], deep packet inspection [DPI], machine learning [ML] as well as the edge compute.”

As with all Interface Masters appliances, the device includes out-of-the-box support for the Marvell’s impressive SDK 11 Software Development Kit (SDK), and Linux. Interface Masters’ support for the SDK and additional built-in software and firmware enable rapid development.

Long Product Life Cycle

Interface Masters network appliance users benefit from a long-lasting product life cycle (seven-years), which enables continuity through all phases of product rollouts and servicing.

Designed and Manufactured in the United States / About Us

For over 26 years, Interface Masters Technologies has provided custom and off-the-shelf innovative networking solutions to OEMs, Fortune 100, and startup companies. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we proudly design and manufacture all products here. Based on MIPS, ARM, PowerPC, x86 processors, and switch fabrics up to 12.8T, Interface Masters appliance models enable OEMs to significantly reduce time-to-market. Our solutions are reliable, pre-tested, pre-integrated and support a seven-year long-life cycle. Learn about Interface Masters:

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