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Intero Introduces Pinnacle Forward Program to Help Sellers Unlock Their Home Equity Before They Sell

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Intero, a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate and wholly owned subsidiary of HomeServices of America, Inc., is proud to announce the introduction of the Pinnacle Forward program, a progressive real estate service that provides unparalleled value and flexibility to people to competing in today’s heated real estate market.

Powered by Zoom Casa, Pinnacle Forward is available for clients working with an Intero agent locally or nationally. Pinnacle Forward empowers Intero clients with the following benefits:

  • Skip the hassle of a traditional home sale process
  • Become a non-contingent buyer, increasing the likelihood of winning your dream home
  • Avoid double moves or mortgages
  • Maximize your home equity in conjunction with Pinnacle Concierge

Pinnacle Forward is a streamlined service designed for today’s real estate market. There are no credit applications, monthly payments, or fixed maturity dates. Sellers using Pinnacle Forward avoid living through renovations and home showings, all the while maximizing the value of their home. Pinnacle Forward offers unparalleled convenience and value.

“We’re proud to bring the Pinnacle Forward program to the market,” said Brian Crane, Chief Executive Officer of Intero. “The Pinnacle Forward program gives Intero agents a progressive and effective tool to differentiate themselves and meet their clients’ needs in today’s hot real estate market.”

Sellers who opt into the Pinnacle Forward program may consult with Intero’s dedicated Pinnacle account executive, along with their Intero agent. This opportunity enables both the client and agent to obtain more information, ask questions, and determine if Pinnacle Forward is the right fit for their homeownership journey.

“We are excited to extend our partnership with Intero to help launch their Pinnacle Forward program,” said Fred Bin, Chief Executive Officer of Zoom Casa. “We feel the Pinnacle Forward program is a perfect fit for Bay Area sellers and will empower Intero to stand out in such a competitive real estate market. We look forward to our continued relationship with Intero and our ability to bring value to their clients.”

The Pinnacle Forward program is available today for any seller working with an Intero sales associate. To get more information, please visit our partner’s information site at

In addition to the Pinnacle Forward program, Intero has also partnered with Zoom Casa to offer the Pinnacle Concierge program. Pinnacle Concierge, which was launched in December of 2019, is a premium designer-curated home preparation service with zero out-of-pocket cost to sellers until their home closes escrow.

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“Pinnacle Forward is powered by Zoom Casa, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company unrelated to Intero Real Estate Service, Inc. (Intero). Intero makes no representations or warranties expressed or implied regarding pricing, design, workmanship, services or materials provided by Zoom Casa vendors, contractors or sub-contractors.”