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InterpretCloud Launches Its Cloud-based Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Solution to Provide Reliable, High-quality Interpreting for On-site and Online Events and Meetings

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InterpretCloud announces the launch of its InterpretCloud video remote interpreting solution, the most reliable and high-quality cloud-based solution for on-site and online events and meetings. InterpretCloud helps companies and individuals to communicate with their local and global audiences during live events and online meetings, anywhere, anytime, and in any language.

With InterpretCloud, interpreters anywhere in the world can provide HD-quality interpreting, which thanks to its cloud-based technology, is equivalent to the sound and video quality and reliability of having an interpreter physically present.

InterpretCloud’s team thinks globally, with customers, interpreters and meeting participants in mind. In fact its technology is fully compatible with any online meeting platform (e.g., ZOOM, Webex, Google Meet, or Skype) so that accessibility is never an issue. Meeting participants and interpreters can log in from anywhere in the world.

In addition to its easy-to-use and reliable HD interpreting solution, companies and organizations using InterpretCloud will also have access to InterpretCloud’s network of thousands of experienced interpreters around the world.

Event and meeting organizers can use InterpretCloud to create a high-quality experience for participants—whether they are on-site or thousands of miles away.

“At InterpretCloud, our people set us apart. Through our dedicated team members, we connect people across the world through language to create extraordinary experience for our customers. We believe in the power of language—it brings us together, warms our hearts and unites our many global communities as one,” said Joseph Fournier, President of InterpretCloud, as part of the launching ceremony of InterpretCloud.

About InterpretCloud

InterpretCloud is a cloud-based remote simultaneous interpreting solution for any size multilingual on-site or online meeting. Put simply, InterpretCloud connects people around the world anytime, any place and in any language. Considering the increasing demand for remote simultaneous interpretation, InterpretCloud truly is a global connector of people through language.

InterpretCloud is built by a team of linguistics, tech pros, event managers and business experts that is just as global and diverse as the platform itself. We are passionate about connecting people around the world through language, and we built this platform to help us do that.

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