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InterSystems Announces General Availability of IntegratedML

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InterSystems, a creative data technology provider dedicated to helping customers solve the most critical scalability, interoperability, and speed problems, today announced that its InterSystems IRIS® IntegratedML facility is now generally available to users of the InterSystems IRIS and the InterSystems IRIS for Health™ data platforms.

IntegratedML embeds automated machine learning capabilities directly into the core of the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform and makes them available through intuitive SQL commands. SQL developers can easily develop machine learning algorithms within InterSystems IRIS and incorporate them into applications, where they run with high-performance directly on the data, enabling response to real-time events. IntegratedML also frees data scientists to focus on high-value tasks by automating much of the tedious work involved with data preparation.

The announcement was made at InterSystems Virtual Summit 2020, a remote version of the company’s annual user conference, Global Summit.

As organizations look to leverage their data to gain a competitive edge and enhance their business operations and offerings, many are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to power their digital transformation initiatives. Despite the high demand for ML, significant hurdles to adoption exist, including a steep learning curve to becoming an ML expert and a shortage of data science talent.

IntegratedML addresses these challenges by offering automated ML capabilities using widely understood SQL syntax, making the required skills for success more approachable, and streamlining the building, testing, deployment, and refinement of ML models for accelerated development and maintenance.

Key benefits of IntegratedML include:

  • Ease of use: Empowers existing software developers to develop ML models and ML-enabled applications using recognizable SQL syntax.
  • Increased productivity for trained data scientists: Benefits data scientists by automating tedious data preparation tasks to allow them to focus on domain-specific feature engineering, model tuning and refinement.
  • Greater efficiency: IntegratedML is deeply integrated within InterSystems IRIS, enabling model development and execution to occur where the data resides, thus eliminating the time-consuming and error-prone movement of data.
  • Smarter processes: Enables organizations to incorporate ML algorithms directly into business processes, creating better business outcomes and boosting competitive advantages.

“At Baystate Health, we are always striving for a higher quality of patient care,” commented Joe Cofone, Sr. Business Analyst for Population Health at Baystate Health, a not-for-profit, integrated health care system serving over 800,000 people throughout western New England. “With InterSystems IRIS and IntegratedML, we will be able to predict accurate emergency department admission levels based on analysis of a multitude of historical and real-time signals, to make certain we are prepared for impending spikes in COVID-related admissions and aware of how they may impact our current patient population.”

“Harnessing the benefits of machine learning dramatically improves overall business insights, and when ML based predictive models are executed in line with transactions there is unparalleled ROI,” said Scott Gnau, vice president of Data Platforms at InterSystems. “With InterSystems IRIS and IntegratedML, teams can easily and quickly develop applications that deploy intelligent, prescriptive programmatic actions in response to real-time data, gaining vital competitive insights and business benefits. This enables organizations to act quickly on new strategies, to accelerate new product launches, and to accurately respond to customer preferences.”

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