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Intertek Becomes First US Lab to Complete Demand Response Testing for Room Air Conditioners

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Intertek, a Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide,
announces the completion of its first project using the Environmental
Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR® Test Method to Validate Demand
Response for Room Air Conditioners. Intertek is the first laboratory in
the US to complete demand response testing, which allows products to
receive wireless communications to better control energy usage, on an
HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system.

Demand Response is an optional testing method that allows energy
companies to send signals to electrical equipment and appliances
throughout the day, telling them to use less energy when necessary.
Products with this technology require communications testing, in
addition to required electrical safety certification and energy
efficiency validations. Intertek’s first completed project on an HVAC
system has the potential to be applied to other appliances used in the
home and commercial settings to help improve energy efficiency and
usage. In addition to compliance testing on products, Intertek’s
Assurance program includes consulting services on product development
during the R&D stage.

Sunny Rai, Senior Vice President at Intertek said: “Intertek has always
focused on bringing an innovative approach to our Total Quality
Assurance solutions for the customers we serve. We are pleased to bring
our expertise in energy efficiency, HVAC and appliance testing and
certification to aide this important program that is pioneering
technology for multiple industries.”

Intertek is a global leader in product assurance, testing, inspection
and certification of HVACR equipment and appliances, including
independent performance verification, electrical safety testing,
outsourced testing for overflow, witness testing, chemical compatibility
testing, and more. The company has a global network of ISO 17065
accredited laboratories offering manufacturers and industry associations
with leading customer service, expertise, and quality testing, as well
as speed to various global markets. Learn more about Intertek’s HVACR
offerings at


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