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Intradiem Launches Automation Solution for Back Office Operations

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Intradiem, the leader in contact center automation, today announced the expansion of the company’s proprietary real-time automation platform into back office operations.

Cost reduction continues to be a top priority for many organizations, especially during the pandemic. Companies with contact centers have realized the benefits of automation within their centers and identified the need to leverage the same capabilities in the back office.

“Historically, we have partnered with our customers to drive savings in their contact centers,” said Matt McConnell, CEO of Intradiem. “Our customers told us they faced similar operational challenges in the back office as they once had in the center. Without the ability to act in real-time, their centers couldn’t process time-sensitive data quickly enough to make an impact. When Intradiem’s solution is applied to the back office, our customers achieve significant cost savings by taking automated actions to drive productivity gains at the associate level.”

Intradiem’s unique and proprietary platform standardizes data from legacy systems and monitors activity to provide real-time insights about back office productivity. By processing this data in real-time, back office teams can create data-driven rules to monitor and alert the team of opportunities to drive improvements in real-time.

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About Intradiem

Intradiem provides an Intelligent Assistant for Customer Service teams. Our patented AI-technology processes the massive amounts of data generated by your center and back office – in real time – and takes immediate action to support staff working in the center or remotely – every minute of every day. The result for customers is increased productivity and a guaranteed return on investment, with typically a 2x payback in year one and a 3-5x return in subsequent years. We are powering over 1 billion automated actions annually and have saved our customers over $100 million in annualized savings, all while improving employee engagement and the end-customer experience.