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Introducing Nimble 5.0, Simple Smart Relationship Manager for Office 365 and G Suite Teams That Puts The “R” Back Into CRM

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Nimble, the Simple, Smart CRM for Office 365 and G Suite — today
unveiled Nimble CRM 5.0, an easy-to-use team relationship manager
designed to transform the way businesses engage customers. Nimble 5.0
will move beyond app- or department-specific contact views to an
easy-to-use, auto-enriched contact record that places relationships at
the center of every engagement, without the high cost or complexity of
an enterprise CRM.

Historically, Nimble has been known as a simple, smart relationship
manager for G Suite users that need to integrate contacts, calendar
appointments, inboxes, and social into an easy-to-use team CRM system
said Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara. “As our customers have adopted
Office 365, team sizes have grown and their needs have become more
. We built Nimble 5.0 to integrate with the business apps
and tools they use everyday: Office 365, Teams, Edge, Power BI, Dynamics
365, and applications built using Azure.”

Nimble 5.0 – The Simple CRM for Office 365 & G Suite Teams

Nimble 5.0 delivers a set of powerful enhancements centered on the CRM
basics that dramatically improve team relationship management across the
organization, including an updated contact record, granular activity
tracking, contact privacy, and integrations with Office 365, Power BI,
and Azure.

What’s New in Nimble CRM 5.0

  • A single system of record for relationships across the organization.
    Nimble’s built-in, two-way contact sync with hundreds of business apps
    enables teams to engage more intelligently by accessing a shared
    360-degree view of contacts enriched with company and personal
    insights, social signals, communication histories, and more. This
    two-way contact synchronization works back inside wherever teams work,
    delivering contact and company insights within their favorite business
    apps and wherever they prospect on the web.
  • Redesigned contact record with inline editing and granular activity
    Nimble’s redesigned contact record makes it easier to
    see, update, and search for all important relationships in one
    actionable view. Updated UI scales to browser screen size for a more
    intuitive perspective on the people who matter most. Log activities,
    view contact and company information, scan social signals, send
    trackable email templates, apply tags, and more — right from the
    contact record.
  • Redesigned Smart Contacts App.* The enhanced widget will
    support calendar, tasks, deals, and custom views. Important contact
    fields will be at the top of the record, allowing teams to take quick,
    effective action on what matters most to them. With this update, the
    Smart Contacts app will be easier to use, logged information can be
    edited with less clicks, and teams will enjoy more functionality
    across multiple platforms.
  • All-new Activities Listing Tab and Custom Activities Types.
    Teams will be able to organize, prioritize, and track activities
    (including calls, tasks, and events) easier than ever. The Listing tab
    is complete with a dynamic view of the screen, providing teams with
    more room to measure their tasks against their related opportunities.
    Additionally, custom activity types and inline editing will enable
    teams to log tasks on a more granular level in order to organize
    activities based on their individual business needs.
  • Email tracking everywhere you work. It’s now easier than ever
    to identify engagement and follow-up opportunities from anywhere
    within Nimble workflows by adding the ability to send tracked email
    templates from everywhere teams work: from contact records, the
    Messages tab, the Today Page dashboard, while mobile, and within the
    Nimble Smart Contacts App.
  • Contact privacy with user group controls.* Managers will be
    able to assign lead ownership, appoint contacts to
    specific users, create user groups for privacy that can be edited in
    bulk through segmentation, set privacy at import, and add new contact
    types (lead and account). Additionally, teams will be able to keep
    track of how many leads they convert into customers with a shared
  • New Database field types (text, date, numeric, float)* Nimble
    serves as a team relationship manager for the central repository of
    the whole company’s business contacts. The new field types included in
    Nimble 5.0 makes it easier than ever to centralize additional critical
    data from disparate systems such as sales data from the accounting
    system or customer interaction details from marketing and customer
    service systems.
  • Detailed activity reporting, activity automation, and greater
    Integrations with Azure common data services and
    Microsoft Power BI helps Nimble 5.0 deliver detailed dashboards of CRM
    reports and visualization, enabling teams to keep their finger on the
    pulse of their business engagement. Easily create visualizations,
    workflow automation, and reporting for mission-critical initiatives.
  • Additional updates include: Account/lead contact types with
    record owner*; the ability to associate contacts to multiple companies
    and related contacts*; new Today Page widgets including Pipeline
    Management and Email Tracking; an integration with OneDrive that will
    allow teams to link documents related to a contact or deal; and push
    notifications for optimized email tracking and meeting notifications.
    Indicates Nimble 5.0 features coming soon

Nimble Scales Worldwide Sales as The Simple CRM for Office 365

Microsoft is now reselling Nimble+Office 365 worldwide and their
distributors and partners are reselling, implementing, and providing
customized Nimble solutions to Office 365 users 24/7 across the globe.

Customer, Analyst + Partner Quotes:

“In real estate, helping buyers decide which home is right for them
is not so much about helping search for a property but much more about
building their trust that you can help find the option that suits them
” said Richard M. Hartian, real estate marketing
professional at Winning
. “Unfortunately it’s not easy when you’re constantly
bombarded by vast amounts of daily interactions with customers, brokers,
mortgage lenders, referral sources, and more
.” Richard uses Nimble
5.0 to track multiple deals simultaneously, to personalize engagements,
and be proactive when approaching prospects. “Our success hinges on
the ability to quickly capture contact details, personalize
communications, schedule follow-ups, and create segmented groups for
target marketing, which Nimble delivers.”

“I’m incredibly fussy about the guests I invite on my podcast, and
Nimble helps me to sift through contacts to determine whether to move
said Nathaniel Schooler, chief podcast host for Build
Business Acumen
and trusted business adviser. To produce a series of
100 syndicated episodes, he uses Nimble and 366 Degrees to qualify
emails and referrals, outreach to and book inspirational business
leaders, CEOs, and other guests for the show. “Automated data
enrichment is one of Nimble’s best features, and accessing those
incredibly useful insights is even easier with Nimble’s latest release.”

“Too many CRM solutions focus on collecting and counting arbitrary
data deemed important by some pinhead manager who never sold a day in
their life,”
said Rich Bohn, President of Sell
More Now
. “What makes Nimble CRM unique is that it’s squarely
focused on relationship-building, empowering the whole company, not just
sales people, to communicate effectively with all the requisite context
and social insights they need to engage at their fingertips.”

“We are bundling Nimble and Office 365 to help resellers evolve the
conversation from technology-focused selling of Office 365, security and
back-up solutions to providing outcome-based solutions for Office 365
said Jason Brown, Vice President of Product at SherWeb,
a value-added Cloud Distributor for MSPs. “Nimble’s
simple-yet-powerful team relationship manager contributes to these
efforts by empowering resellers to start selling business solutions to
Office 365 customers who may not be ready for an enterprise CRM.”

“Nimble’s 5.0 release further enhances the notion of a single version
of the truth,”
said Eamon Moore, CEO of Hikari
Data Solutions
. He needed a single system that would gather
contacts and conversations from across the organization into a
centralized database that makes it easy to sell and connect with
customers and prospective buyers. After evaluating several options,
Eamon chose Nimble. “Nimble’s 5.0 release makes it far easier to
access enhanced, auto-enriched views of every customer and contact; as
well as take next steps such as schedule meetings, assign follow-up
tasks and send messages — all within the same Contact Profile view.”

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ABOUT NIMBLE – Nimble is the leading global provider of simple,
smart CRM for small business teams using Office 365 or G Suite. It
combines the strength of traditional CRM, classic contact management,
social media, sales intelligence, pipeline management, and marketing
automation into one powerful relationship management platform that
delivers valuable company and contact insights – everywhere you work.
Nimble has been named “Market Leading CRM for Customer Satisfaction and
Ease of Use” and CRM
Market Leader by G2 Crowd in Spring 2019
for the eighth consecutive
year, CRM
Watchlist Winner
for three consecutive years, #1
Sales Intelligence Tool for Customer Satisfaction by G2 Crowd
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