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Intuit Launches Prosperity Hub Program to Bring 3,000+ Jobs to Communities in Need

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Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU), proud makers of TurboTax, QuickBooks and Mint, today announced the launch of the Prosperity Hub program, an initiative created to bring full-time jobs, vocational training, and education resources to communities in need. The program is designed to spark economic prosperity in regional communities as well as provide remote job opportunities for communities of people in need. The program has already created 1,500 new jobs across five communities in the U.S. and will fund approximately 1,500 additional full-time jobs by 2021.

The Prosperity Hub program is a socially responsible sourcing model that both improves business outcomes for Intuit while providing new career development opportunities within communities in need. For example, 1 out of every 6 Americans live in distressed or underrepresented communities, and climate and socioeconomic factors are only exasperating their conditions.

The Prosperity Hub Program

Intuit will bring full-time jobs, vocational training to expand community members’ expertise, and resources for education supporting youth, adults and small businesses to accelerate prosperity throughout the community. The communities are chosen based on data across three primary areas: business success factors (where talent exists), community relations factors (community support for economic development) and where it can make a significant difference (where job creation will spur sustainable growth).

As part of the regional Prosperity Hub program, Intuit works with customer success partner-employers, including SYKES, Concentrix and Alorica to hire full-time employees, with opportunities for advancement. They are paid above market-average and trained to provide product and domain expertise supporting QuickBooks, TurboTax and Mint. The regional hubs are designed to spark durable economic growth in the small business and entrepreneurship ecosystem to build resiliency for communities and their residents. Additional hubs will provide remote jobs and education resources for communities of people in need of opportunities, including people with families in the military or of varying abilities.

Intuit is building an A.I.-driven expert platform that connects people and technology on a global platform. The jobs being created within the program are bringing new talented customer success experts onto the platform. The results are high retention rates, faster response times, and ultimately a better experience for Intuit’s 50M global customers.

“Prosperity Hubs is an inspiring example of how together, we can all prosper,” said Sasan Goodarzi, CEO of Intuit. “We’ve learned that one of the most powerful ways to help people prosper is by connecting them with experts on our platform. Creating jobs in local communities, combined with training to develop experts, enables us to better serve the communities and customers around us.”

Prosperity Hub Pilot Spotlights

Based on 3rd party analysis of the pilot program, the company expects that every $1 Intuit invests leads to $1.59 of economic impact in regional communities where Prosperity Hubs are located. These currently include Wise, VA, Johnstown, PA, Morristown, TN, Bluefield, WV, and Hazard, KY.

In its pilot cities of Wise and Johnstown, Intuit’s investment of $60 million has contributed to more than 1,150 annual jobs created, over $32 million of annual wages and benefits earned, and almost $50 million of new business activity per year within these cities and their surrounding counties.

In Wise, Intuit has invested about $43 million in job creation since 2016, which has spurred economic prosperity and fueled the small business ecosystem. The unemployment rate went down from 9.4% to 5.2%, based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment rates from August 2016 to June 2019.

In Johnstown, Intuit has created 319 annual jobs through its employer-partners, prompting $17.5 million of business activity in the surrounding county. Intuit has already begun adding resources beyond job creation to Johnstown, including tax time programs that give residents access to in-person and online tax assistance.

Together We Prosper

Intuit’s global financial platform – and its products TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mint – help consumers, self-employed and small business owners manage their financial life. The Prosperity Hub program is part of a new initiative by Intuit accelerating the company’s commitment to making a positive impact on the world through its products and people.

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